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Review : Delain – Moonbathers

downloadReview : Delain – Moonbathers

I am sure I have no need to introduce you to Delain, for 10 years they have clawed and fought their way to the top of the Symphonic Metal mountain. They are well known for good reason and with a release as amazing as “Moonbathers” there will be no backwards steps.

If you thought this years EP “ Lunar Prelude” was a tasty dish just wait for the main course. This the fifth album is stunning, it has lots of new twists and turns but it does not deviate too much from that Delain sound we know and love…and it is darker than the devil’s armpit!

Opener “ Hands Of Gold” comes at you like the birth of Damien from the movie The Omen. It is five minutes of Symphonic heaven, it builds, it twists, it takes on a little pop edge until we get those familiar growls from Alissa White-Gluz. What a start.

The Glory And The Scum” is up next and is also the first video released. The production on this track and especially Charlotte Wessells voice is crystal clear and pushing on operatic. Throw in the usual keyboards and some horns and biting guitar and Delain fans will be smiling from ear to ear.

Suckerpunch” was a bit of a suprise and has a real 80s Synth pop running through it. It is very accessible and I reckon if this is released as a single we are talking a worldwide hit…it will appeal to so many people and I have to admit to going back to this track time and again before any other. I loved this one to its very core.

The tempo is taken right back for “The Hurricane”, the vocals come to the fore and just sound beautiful. It builds to epic proportions and this is a pure chill out song. The piano, strings and vocal intro is haunting on “Chrysalis – The Last Breath”. Again it builds and again it takes me back to the 80s with a classic Kate Bush feel.

Fire with Fire” is just about as metal as they come, the riffs pour out of your speakers and if you are not banging your head to this you must not have one. Powerful, fast and brilliant. “Pendulum” kicks off like a Judas Priest number before settling on a bit of chanting and those sublime vocal tones. The riffage carrys through the whole song and be sure that there are no fillers on this album.

Danse Macabre” has to be heard through the best headphones you can get your hands on. The opening is so powerful, so graceful and layered. The sound alone could bring a tear to a glass eye. The power that this band manages to convey in each track is amazing, they suck you in and wring you out, your emotions will be left dripping from your body onto the floor.

Now for “Scandal”, who dares touch a Queen song these days? It may be from a lesser known album in Miracle and it definitely isn’t a track that anyone will jump up to say is their favourite track but this is still Freddie and the boys and some things are sacred. Never the less Delain have taken the track and twisted it into their mould with style and quality and even managed to end up with an ABBA sound. My first listen left me a bit perplexed but now I love it…and that is praise enough of what a good job they have done on this cover.

Turn The Lights Out” goes for the orchestral start, again we are grabbing a whole slice of pop with it but this never falls too far over the fence or far away enough to not be called metal, it is too huge sounding for that. The Whole thing is wrapped up with “The Monarch” which starts with a spaghetti western theme tune(listen and tell me I am wrong). For all intents and purposes it is an instrumental with a few vocals thrown in at the end. It is a strange ending but it does somehow finish the album with a memorable note.

10 years done and no sense of letting the title of one of the best and biggest names in metal slip, “Moonbathers” will delight the old fans and it will amass many, many more. An exquisite album that drips with stunning songs, beautiful production and the voice of an angel wrapped in the devils lyrics.

Review Ritchie Birnie


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