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Review : Fear Me December – Between Violence And Silence

Review : Fear Me December – Between Violence And Silence

The first thing I read about Fear Me December made me feel pity, this band has moved from Argentina to Manchester to make a go of this thing we call the music business. Why the pity? C’mon people, apart from the west coast of Scotland, Manchester must be the wettest place in the UK. This must have been an instant shock to the system but after listening to this album I can assure you that Argentina’s loss is most definitely our gain.

Now if you put any Creedence into genre’s these guys are classed as Alt rock but I am going to ignore that partly because I hate the term and more importantly because it just does not fit this band. They are far more diverse than a genre or a box to put them in just so they can be slotted into somebodies safe place.

The album has so many influences but I do think the band made the perfect choice to come to the UK rather than North america. It may have been easier(and warmer) but there is something about their sound that is completely British. The underlying 70s punk attitude, the Classic rock backbone and a do not care approach to taboos when it comes to lyrical content.

Opener “Give Us Peace” starts with a speech revolving around violence(was this about the bands first night out in Manchester?). The sound is straightforward Nu metal of the best calibre but with Lintu Doll’s haunting vocals this settles into a slowed down almost Souxie Banshee number. A great way to kick things off.

When This Is Over” is POP/Punk at its catchy best. A real toe tapper and sing along. It is almost three minutes of musical joy. “ Dear love” takes on an almost commercial pop feel. It has U2 guitar pops throughout and it is a lazy, slow builder but when it kicks in it is like a shot of adrenaline straight to the heart. It is very atmospheric and works a treat.

The Title track comes out of the tracks with the classic punk sound. The chorus will get its hooks in you and just won’t let go. The guitars are bashed out with venom and the bass and drum breakdown in the middle is excellent.

With the song “Mess” I found my instant favourite. driving riffs, classic rock sound and some nu metal guitars blended in… this is a thing of beauty. On “Remember December” we revert to the punk and with an intro like Sex Pistols at their angriest and dirtiest best. This fades to leave us with another catchy track with those guitar pops again.

Fly,Fight, Dream” goes for the throat with an almost industrial opening. It is fast paced and the vocals pick up and compliment the tempo change perfectly. This will have Rammstein fans banging their heads like it was their heroes.

On “Up To The Sky” and “ Buried Inside” you have a multitude of influences running through the songs but this band have warped, twisted and moulded them to a sound all of their own and into perfect metal songs. These two tracks are blistering compositions of the best quality.

Now to round things off and slow it all down a bit we finish off with” City Lights” and I cannot get Creed out of my head. The quirky guitars, slowed down and prominent sound stands beside anything Mr Stapp and the boys ever done. This is a beautiful song and a perfect goodbye.

I loved this album and its differing tones, tempo and themes. This is a band who has taken a massive leap, not only from their hometown but from their debut EP “Who Cares”. I really hope that this move and this album help break “Fear Me December” as I want to see what they have to offer in future based on this release. They also have a handful of shows coming up but I am hoping for a full UK tour to promote this. This album is one not to be missed.

Review Ritchie Birnie

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