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Review : Glasstide -Lights

unnamed-2Review : Glasstide -Lights

Exeter youngsters Glasstide have only just went and released one of the most exiting EPs in 2016 and guess what…it is only their debut as well. “Lights” is only a four track but it is full to bursting with new ideas, old classic sounds and toe tapping, sing along anthems.

Opening number “Be There” stopped me in my tracks immediately, basically as I was expecting a Pop/Punk number but this is as far as you can get from that genre. It bursts to life with thundering drums and guitars and the first airing of vocalist Gav Bolt’s slightly raspy and definitely sleazy tubes. The song mixes in some keyboards but this is a tied down rocker. It took me back to the late 80s and the whole birth of Sleaze. I could imagine these guys well at home in the Whisky and I am sure a certain Mr Kilminster would have paid attention between his JD and coke.

Title track “Lights” is up next and off we go happily to another genre and another sound…this one has riffs dripping from the Deep South, that chugging guitar sound that Black Stone Cherry and Alterbridge have honed and made their own. This is a little belter of a track.

Now we get that POP/Punk sound I was waiting for on “ Since you Have gone”. I could throw so many names at you with this one that your head would spin. The influences are coming out from the speakers hard and fast but don’t think for one minute you have heard it all before, oh no, these guys have twisted it to leave their own mark quite clearly stamped all the way through the track. This may be 90’s punk but the vocals are from the 70’s as is the attitude. This is your toe tapper, this is your sing along and this is your sure fire hit.

Already we have reached the last track “ You’re Not Worth It”. All too fast and all too soon this is over. They have stuck to that old punk cliché of three minute tracks which makes for impact but when you are getting heavily into something you get left a bit high and dry at the end. This track takes punk into the 00s(I hated that phrase…it just sounds crap) but this is the calibre of song that threw fall Out Boy to the top of the pile with just one song( you know what song I am talking about and hopefully you are now singing it in your head and it is going to get stuck there all day). I can also assure you that after just a couple of plays this song will have the same effect.

What a debut from Glasstide, a too short collection of differing tracks and styles. This may be a band feeling their way in this business but if they keep up the quality of songs like this the business will soon be taking notice, I certainly did and I will be keeping a close eye on these boys as I reckon there could be something very special here.

Review Ritchie Birnie

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