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Review: Twilight Force – Heroes Of The Mighty Magic


13344642_1118200064904974_2652347045699981473_nReview: Twilight Force – Heroes Of The Mighty Magic

Before you even get to the music the first thing that hits you about this is the album cover. It is fantastic and if I was a kid I would have bought this album without hearing a note. I first done this in 1980 with a certain debut of a little band called Iron Maiden and that was the beginning of a story that recently saw me catch them live at Download and in Berlin. Whether Twilight Force will have the same effect will have to be seen but I already know I will be standing at the Merch stand at the earliest opportunity buying this T-shirt and poster.

The first thing I have to say is don’t expect to give this a quick whirl when you have 15 minutes. The album is over 70 minutes long with two tracks hovering at the 10 minute mark so this is asking for some serious time set aside. The album cover has a feeling of Yngvie Malmsteen’s Trilogy album and I did wonder if I was to expect something similar in sound.

I can assure you I was not expecting what was about to unfold. I had seen a few names banded about but power metal and adventure metal kept popping up and as confused as I must have looked when I wondered what the hell was adventure metal I was truly taken aback at the sound, the size and scale of this production which was undertaken by the band themselves( in the twilight forge seemingly).

If you took a huge couldren, added water until it boiled then dropped in the lyrics from all the best Dio songs, the outfits from Gloryhammer, the rousing antics of Alestorm…dig through your cupboards and tip in the contents of an old dungeons and Dragons game, every DVD or book from the Lord of The Rings trilogies and as it is bubbling and mixing make sure the soundtrack in the background is Utopia’s RA album and you might, just might come close to what is on offer on “Heroes Of The Mighty Magic”

I could not go through each track here as I am quite old and I fear I would die before I could get everything down on paper but I can tell you you are in for a power/speed metal fest. The guitar work is outstanding, the orchestral parts are rousing and have a huge sound. The vocals are also just what you would expect but we get all manner of wizards, children and quite possibly Sean Connery giving their part to the story.

This really is an audio book of epic proportions. You are right there during the battles, you are celebrating with the crashing of mead filled glasses at the end. You will feel the highs and lows. As you get to the epilogue you will be hooked and desperate to find out what will happen next but if you want to know that…you best go out and buy this yourself. I lived this fight, I have the wounds, the spells and the fatigue of a fight of decades so I must leave you now and rest like a weary warrior until the next battle, the next quest and to victory.

Review Ritchie Birnie


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