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Review : Whisky Myers – Mud

Review : Whisky Myers – Mud

I discovered Whisky Myers the old fashioned way when they supported Cadillac Three and they blew me away live. In this job and this world with all its readily available information it is rare to get to a show without knowing who a band is.

That show set me buzzing for the band and I followed it up with their show this year at Download where once again they shone like a lighthouse on that horribly wet and dank day. They really were one of the best bands that for me and I know they turned a lot of heads and made a lot of new friends so I hope that everyone who was there checks out “Mud” as this is a fantastic record. Their laid back, bourbon drenched sound is made for the stage but this latest offering gives a glimpse of what makes them so good live. This band are honest, straightforward and uncomplicated…and full to the brim of that shot glass with brilliant songs.

The album opens with some good old boy fiddle and acoustic guitar on the track “On The River” and it doesn’t take long to get you tapping your toes and stifling the urge to scream “ Yeehaw”. The bands sound has been quoted as everyday soul and I just love that as it fits so well. You know every song is a story, it is from their backyard of Texas and this song just takes you away to that place.

The Title track is heavier, deeper and low down dirty just like the song title. The guitars are dragged through a swamp and the end result is perfection. “Lightening Bugs And Rain” says it all in the title. Another story from home and for us in the UK it is an insight into a foreign land. It is a mix between Bruce Springsteen and Johnny Cash with some soul horns thrown in. Songs like this makes you want to up sticks, pack in your job and go and live of the land.

Deep down In The South” just keeps the vibe going with its early Eagles sound. It almost touches on a evangelical choir and when you are getting Lyrics like “with our love of Jesus and Rock’N’Roll” you know exactly where they are coming from.

I was not expecting a song like “Stone” on here. This is a piano based track and it is hauntingly beautiful. There is nothing to it, it is simple with lyrics to squeeze your heart and wring your emotions. This could be Whisky Myers very own “ Simple Man”, it is that good and grabbed me from the first play.

Trailer We Call Home” sounds just like it should, easy going with some sublime slide guitar. Another story that portrays a life this time that is not so perfect. The feel of this song took me back to John Cougar Mellencamp’s best album “Paper In Fire”. It has the emotion, the beaten down life and the honest to goodness love of a simple life, a life that is no less lived than one in a mansion.

Some of your Love” delves into the bands love of country but it throws a whole ton of soul into it. It also manages to squeeze in some Zepplin for good measure. The guitars take on a life of their own later on and the build up at the end will make for a massive sing along live.

The song “Frogman” also takes on a whole life of its own. It is a pissed up redneck just looking for a fight and as the song screams at you…it is a bad mutherfucker. This one is a fuzzy, ass kicking masterpiece.

The song “Hank” I can only assume is a homage to another of the influences that Whisky Myers proudly hang on their walls, the legend Hank Williams. The song picks up on the country, it mixes in the blues and it wrings the soul from every chord. Another poignant moment from this album.

We finish everything up on “Good Ole Days” and with a 1,2,3,4 intro and a sound like it was recorded on a porch you can imagine this was written whilst the guys were happily drunk. It has the southern drawl and it would fit nicely in a Rodney Carrington live set. It tells you all you need to know about the good times that this band of brothers is all about. The best thing about this is that it rubs off on you and you cannot help but smile when listening to Whisky Myers. Throw away your worries, your woes. Had a shitty day? Well just stick on this album, sit back and chill with a little drink and not a care in the world.

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