Twisted Sister says goodbye to Great Britain


Twisted Sister says goodbye to Great Britain

12th August 2016, a date I will take to my deathbed with me. Twisted Sister’s last show in the UK at Bloodstock was the best show I have ever witnessed. To try and put this into perspective for you I have been attending Rock and Metal shows for 36 years. My previous favourite gig was Iron Maiden at Monsters Of Rock in 1988. I seriously never thought that would be beaten but after 28 years it was blown away with ease on a hot summers night.

If I am honest I wasn’t expecting anything like this show. Twisted Sister always, repeat always put on a show but I just felt with the release of the recent (and brilliant) Las Vegas show on DVD I was going to see the guys run through the same set list, make me smile a lot and rock my world one last time before heading home…how wrong was I?

I should have known better as Dee and the boys have always loved the UK( Not just England Dee, nudge, nudge) , as each and every original member came forward later in the night and thanked us for everything we had done for them. Not to sound too big headed it was thanks that was well deserved. They as well as us know they would not be saying goodbye 40 years after it all began, in a different country and in front of a huge crowd.

The UK metal scene has and always will be filled with rejects, outcasts and undesirables and we saw through the vision portrayed of the ugliest transvestites in the world and drilled down to the music. We picked up straight away that they rocked so we said come on in, plenty of room for five more and that was all she wrote.

I was a bit perplexed at the choice of winding it all up at Bloodstock but I realise that this event is kind of the outcast of festivals…Download’s nasty little brother so it was a perfect venue and Dee let us all know that a certain Mr Copping would not cough up the dollars so he was was happy to inform us all that today was the biggest selling day in Bloodstock history( so you missed a trick there Andy).

I wouldn’t have cared where this show had taken place as I would have been there at any cost and going by the huge amount of Twisted sister t-shirts on the day an awful lot of people were doing the same. The place was awash with pink shirts and I have no idea how much merch the boys must have shifted today but it would have been a nice little earner.

I, like a lot of other smart people made their way to the front about half way through the Behemoth set and a whole two hours before Twisted sister were due to take to the stage. The time was spent chatting with TS fans of all ages and from all corners of the land. Stories of when they first heard the band and favourite gigs just helped build the excitement and pass the time until the PA went dead and the lights dimmed. Twisted Sister’s final show before thousands of UK fans was here.

As the band stroll out and burst into the forever opening number of “ What You Don’t Know” Dee rushes to the mic adorned in a stunning original outfit(designed and made by his gorgeous wife Suzette) and we are off. The songs fly past with Dee saying they are going to focus on tracks rather than chat but you just know that isn’t going to last.

The first surprise of the night was “ Destroyer” , This song has been absent far too long as was the next, “ Like A Knife In The Back”. This set list was picked for the festival, the heavier side of the band and for me the most exciting. Another thing that was picked for this festival(and totally off the cuff from Dee) was the in song banter in “I Wanna Rock” This had the crowd in fits of laughter as rather than the most recent Dr Snider and his worldwide statistical breakdown whether we want to rock or fuck…no, in true Bloodstock style he has the crowd singing the song title in true black metal guttural vocals, I could not sing for laughing.

The next highlight for me was the playing of My all time favourite live track, their cover of The Rolling Stones “ It’s Only Rock ‘ N “ Roll”. The live B side recordings of this song is what legends are made of and I was eagerly awaiting Dee screaming “ So How Do You Fucking Like It”…it was like being in a time machine. It was at this point I realised I was witnessing something very, very special.

After this song the band left the stage for a short break( I always wonder if Dee needs oxygen after or during his set as the man uses that stage like a man half his age). When they return each and every original member takes to the microphone to thank us personally. It is so good to hear from Eddie and Mark for a change and this is no Ozzy” We Love You” false sentiment…it is from the heart and I do not mind sharing that I shed a tear during these honest opinions. It was also the moment it hit me that a tiny part of the teenager left inside me died.

Now(deep growl and manly cough after my admitted weakness) we hear the chink of bottles ring from the PA and a homage to one of my all time favourite films The Warriors. This only leaves “Shoot Em Dwon” before the band take to the front of the stage and take a bow. A bow well earned for 40 years of brilliant music and memories. Thank you for all your years guys and for making your UK send off something I will never forget.

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