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Alter Bridge The Last Hero Album Review

Alter Bridge
The Last Hero Album Review

With less than 3 weeks until their fifth studio album release Alter Bridge are barely off the radio. ‘Show Me A Leader’ is the first single from the much anticipated 13 track album. The Last Hero, due ‘for release on October 7th via Napalm Records. It’s been 3 years since Fortress and excitement is in the air as the band will be touring Europe and the UK in November to promote the album. Their biggest headline shows to date, the 24-date tour kicks off on November 4th. Special guests include Danish rockers Volbeat, French Prog Metallers Gojira and newcomers Like A Storm.

The album was written late in 2015 when vocalist Myles Kennedy was out on tour with Slash and The conspirators and guitarist Mark Tremonti was out fronting his own band, Tremonti. Mark Tremonti described the upcoming album as “a good mixture between ‘Fortress’ and ‘Blackbird,'” saying that it “covers all bases.”

Opening track ‘Show me a leader’ continues where Fortress left off. Again, Alter Bridge use the Production genius Michael ‘’Elvis’’ Baskette and mastered by Grammy award winner Ted Jensen. It has the same classic sound that the band is known for. Much the same theme Kennedy and Tremonti have used on all five albums. Frustration about Global warming and afterlife.

4th track in ‘’My Champion’’ has a really good intro, both heavy and melodic. It shows the softer side of the band and its every bit as good as the heavy side! The song is an ode to Myles parents and teachers. The folks who guided him as a small shy kid. ‘’You got gotta keep fighting and get back up again’’. A real feel good number and the second single from the album. The lyric was actually inspired by thinking back to my situation as a kid,” Myles says. “I was this really small, underdeveloped kid who had to work extremely hard to keep up with all of my peers. It was very frustrating. I would hear a lot of words of encouragement from parents, coaches, or teachers though. A lot of those things were stored away, and they manifested themselves in this song. I’ve been able to apply some of those concepts in my life a thousand times over since then.”

The album has a Hero theme through it. Kennedy and Tremonti have used examples of current affairs in their songwritting for this album. Hero’s, Race relations, Campaigns and the Environment. The album is telling a story of what’s happening these days. Kennedy and Tremonti have never brushed over the things that affect us and what’s happening in the world.

‘’You Will Be Remembered’’ from start to finish just makes you want to stop and listen to every word. From the intro riff, through verse and chorus it is full of passion and emotion. It’s a tribute to Hero’s, whose who have sacrificed everything for their country. The best track on the album, it will become an anthem just like ‘Loving Memory’ from the debut album.

Not forgetting the rhythm section, Brian Marshall on bass and drummer Scott ‘Flip’ Philips on drums. They come back with a force on the heavy ‘Crows on a Wire ‘. The song is dark and describes the ugly world of politics.

‘The Last Hero’ is an epic sounding track, Tremonti ‘s riffs and solo s combined with Kennedys haunting vocals bring the album to a close.

I listened to the album several times before fully understanding the message in the songs. The tracks I have mentioned are the strongest on the album. They are classic yet contemporary. The others didn’t make any impact. They could had been unnoticed on any of the previous albums.

Lynn Lamond

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