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Crobot – Welcome To Fat City

Crobot – Welcome To Fat City

OK folks, dig out your tie dye t-shirt, slip into those flares and be prepared to get some serious groove on. Crobot’s second album ”Welcome To Fat City” is huge. So huge it seems that according to the band this is too big for Earth to handle and the Fat City is actually a planet where all the sleazeballs of the galaxy go to be themselves(who says the drugs don’t work?).

The original name of Fat City is based on a certain Hunter S Thompson who tried to rename Aspen to save it from land rapers but irrespective of this being about Aspen, the Earth or some distant planet this album will rock you to your core. I have not heard such an amazing mix of Blues, Rock and Funk since The Electric Boys debut and for me that is to this day one of the most underrated albums of all time.

Second albums are meant to be difficult but Crobot have taken everything they have learned from the extensive tours they have done and slipped with ease into releasing a slice of magic. Live they are a monster of a band, an eight legged groove machine that lives and breathes to entertain you.

The CD kicks off with the title track and slaps you right in the face with that bass sound you know and love. It tells the story above with style, riffs aplenty and some serious guitar distortion. The production on this album is a massive step up and so crisp which was a surprise to me as I kind of class this band as a bit dirty, a bit distorted and whole heap of fuzzy.

Play It Cool” kicks off with a Hendrix riff trying to embed itself into your soul. You get more distortion that actually had my dogs barking it was so high pitched. I thought it was some funked up morse code. Brandon sounds awesome on this track and if you have this up loud his screams will have your walls shaking.

On “Easy money” we get it all slowed down to a funky swamp sound. It sounds like someone struggling in quicksand. It is doom/stoner heavy and will have you swaying back and forth to the beat. There was no way Crobot were going to let up with two slower songs in a row and “ Not For Sale” picks up the pace and Brandon swoons to his 70s vibe and takes you along with him.

Hold On For Dear Life” takes on a life all of its own. It goes from gentile to Sabbath in a split second and it winds soul and blues into its very being. Oh, this song is for the space pirates seemingly and if this is their soundtrack please sign me up right now!

Temple In The Sky” bursts forth with such heavy and distorted bass you will be slapping your thigh with your thumb like a demented demon. It is full on Crobot and as this plays it hits me that these songs have actually managed to capture the Crobot live sound. This is no easy thing, how many bands have you seen live that just do not live up to their live show on record? With every passing track I am getting more and more impressed with this band.

Right Between The Eyes” could have been written by the legendary Dio. It has that late 70s/ early 80s sound. Brandon scales his voice back and holds the vocal range perfectly. One of the best tracks on the album. “Blood On The Snow” brings the funk to the forefront again and each track slithers like a snake from one track to another…it is a living, breathing son of a bitch.

The whole thing finishes with “Plague Of The Mammoth” and what a way to bow out. Take one of the heaviest riffs outside another four piece band from Birmingham and you are in for a scorching ride. This is metal from the dark side, fast, furious and just downright outstanding.

Crobot take a bow, seriously, this album is class from start to finish. It is a huge step up from “Something Supernatural” which is saying something as that was one hell of a debut. This album deserves to go intergalactic and I cannot wait to see these songs played live. Do not miss out on this album people.

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