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EP Review: Stuck Out – ‘What we’ve come to be’.

EP Review: Stuck Out – ‘What we’ve come to be’.

Good times when you come across a new release by a band that has escaped your attention and its new worlds to discover. Melbourne band Stuck Out are in the increasingly inaccurate genre of pop-punk which seems to be a catch-all for everything apart from stuff that is either pop or punk. Being Australian, pop-punk is different from what the UK might think so it’s a baffling array of possibilities that leads the genre to be called ‘Miscellaneous’.

So ‘What We’ve Come to Be’ is a three track release by five-piece Melbourne band Stuck Out who are in the pop-punk spectrum. After two singles and a double track release the band seem to be sneaking up on a full release. ‘What We’ve Come to Be’ was released in late August and takes the band closer to completing that first full album.

Bit of background here first. Stuck Out have been a band since May 2015 when they released their first single which was, ‘Homebound’ which was an acoustic track to announce the bands arrival. Within three months the band released, ‘Head Above Water’, with two tracks and then in January 2016 a single release called, ‘Statelines’ hit the shelves. Gigging predominantly in the Melbourne scene the band gets enough of an outing to be well known on the local scene.

So the new release has three tracks in total with the first being, ‘Headstrong’ and it’s the most upbeat song on the EP. There’s a strong, thick guitar sound that opens this track and challenges the vocal throughout the song. Fans of Neck Deep and Knuckle Puck will be in comfortable territory here with a solid sound and tales of loss and mistakes. It’s a confident first track.

Next track is, ‘Empty Sheets’, and is the stand out track on the EP, well put together and tells tales of love gone wrong. Again it’s a thick, reverb sound, with changes in tempo and intensity taking us through the story of mistakes and opportunities missed. This is easily the most commercial radio friendly song on the EP, assuming that commercial radio actually ever played anything worthwhile.

The final track on the EP is, ‘Fragments’ which is the single taken from the EP and has a video release which you can find here. This is the closest track on the album to alternative punk. I’m confident of that! This is an upbeat and fast moving track that sums up the music direction that the band is aiming for. Given this is Australia, and everyone knows everyone, if you need more detail then why not talk to the band? So, talking to Ian Browney, rhythm guitarist for the band, I find out that this will be the direction that the band will be taking with a high intensity sound.

So, what’s the chance of getting a full album? Well it looks like the band will be following up this release with one if not two EPs, the first of which will probably be six tracks. Given the variety of this release and what we have heard before it’s likely that the bands developing sound will find them a whole new range of followers. I’ll always promote local music no matter what the genre but it appears in Australia that the metalcore scene is giving way to pop-punk. First we have Bearclaw Camp in Adelaide and now Stuck Out in Melbourne and this tells me that the next festival is likely to be replete with bands in this genre. As they say in this neck of the woods, do yourself a favour, and check-out, ‘What We’ve Come to Be’ which you can find here or on Spotify.

Review: Craig Grant

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