Live Review – Kee Marcello Audio Glasgow 23rd September also new album review Sep25


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Live Review – Kee Marcello Audio Glasgow 23rd September also new album review

Live Review – Kee Marcello Audio Glasgow 23rd September

I’ve seen many memorable sights on a Friday evening in Glasgow but none quite as surreal as the headlining performer that you are in town to see dodging buses as he trails his luggage behind him in the quest to get to his hotel.Kee Marcello looking left then right as he crosses the street is right up there with numerous incidents involving traffic cones as sights you seldom see unless it’s Friday and it’s Glasgow.

But before we get to the headliner we have two rather different but equally exciting young bands to wrap our ears around.First up are a young up and coming local band known as Anchor Lane.They play a modern rock/melodic metal sound that reminds me of Alter Bridge and Black Stone Cherry amongst others.The first thing that strikes me is how tight the band are,although inexperienced they are not short of confidence and play like they have just been unleashed from a solid months practice in the garage.It’s not often that you will catch a young band this comfortable onstage and when vocalist and guitarist Conor Gaffney talks to the crowd he is unhesitant and maybe it’s sheer bravado but he has the balls to attempt some audience participation.The short set is a major surprise as Anchor Lane are a band that I’ve never crossed paths with before and the general chatter afterword was “Where did they come from ?”.Polished,with some very strong songs,Anchor Lane are now officially on my radar,besides how could you not like a band with a set list on Marvel Superheroes branded notepaper !

From Glasgow all the ay to the Valleys of Wales now with the immensely talented Kane’d. Being a former rugby player I know Wales all too well…and some very dodgy nightclubs but one thing that has never ceased to amaze me is listening to a sold out crowd in Millennium Stadium(and the Arms park before that) sing the national anthem. I have been to many games and listened to many crowds sing their national anthem but no one in the world can sing like the Welsh. It is like there is some huge choir meeting for thousands to practice before the game as everyone is in key and perfectly timed. As a proud Scotsman I hand the singing duties to our celitc cousins.

Now to get back on track if a Welsh parent had one child with a beautiful voice they would be fit to bursting with pride but with Kane’d you get three brilliant singers, all sisters and all bloody gorgeous…and poor old Dad just gets to pack the tour bus and drive, but speaking with him on the night I can vouch for how proud both he and Mum are…and rightly so.

As well as the sisters we also have four other members so tonight we have a pretty small stage packed out with not a lot of room to move…it is also difficult when you have a demi-god with perfectly feathered hair and a hulking physique roaming the left hand side, yes, We have Harry Scott Elliot on stage for the first of his sets as he will also be doubling up with Kee a bit later.

The majority of tonight’s set is from the amazing Rise album which has been on constant rotation in my house since I discovered them at Wildfire Festival this year. As happens with all the best bands the records never justify the live show and this band were made for the stage(and a lot bigger one at that). One of Jace Media’s reviewers I dragged along tonight missed them at Wildfire but had the CD and when he heard them live he was blown away just like I was. The Pop tinged rock numbers melt away and become their own monster, on no track is that more apparent than the show stopper “ La Di Da”. This had me screaming my lungs out and throwing horns to the sky.

It was good to see the audience tonight enjoy the band so much but with songs like “Rise”, “Covered In Roses” and the beautiful “Hero” you cannot fail to enjoy them. I do not know if it was due to being a Friday or just the fact that it was Glasgow on a bank holiday weekend but the song “Wasted” went down a storm. Anything revolving around drink will always get a thumbs up in this town.

Once again Kane’d came to Scotland and conquered and I really hope it isn’t long before I see this big family back in these parts again.

Headliner Kee Marcello was in town to promote his forthcoming new album “Scaling Up” which we will be reviewing shortly.With a sound that is quite far removed from his days in Europe,Marcello brings to mind the late great Gary Moore,both his guitar playing and his vocals have the same soulful but world weary aspect.His band includes Harry Scott Elliott from Kane’d who is helping out on guitar as well as Ken Sandin on bass and drummer Darby Todd,a joke there somewhere as Marcello laughs during band intros “We’ve got two Swedes,a Welshman and an Englishmen !” only for Todd to interupt with “I’m half Scottish !” , all we need is an Irishman and we have the full set.

Black Hole Star” opens the new album and it sounds great as a show opener,bluesy hard rock with a kick like a mule,Marcello is a world renowned guitarists guitarist and he makes it look easy as he lets rip.Marcello is aware of the fact that “Scaling Up” is yet to be released and only airs a handful of tracks from it that include the incredible title track as well as “Soldier Down” which has Todd battering his kit into the hall next door.The rest of the set is made up of solo tracks from previous albums like “Judas Kiss” which is represented by “Dead End Highway”,”Starless Sky” and “Get On Top” as well as a great blast from his past when he performs “We Go Rocking” from his Glam days with Easy Action.As expected there is a fair few Europe tracks played as Marcello played an integral part in the bands sound when he was a member,his guitar playing used as a foil against the keyboards.”Halfway To Heaven”,”Superstitious” (with a little part of “So Lonely” from The Police thrown in ),”The Girl From Lebanon” all sounded immense but the pair of “Rock The Night” and what else but “The Final Countdown” brought the house down,”The Final Countdown” might be cheesy as hell but it gets the crowd bouncing and singing along with the famous keyboard intro.

This was an awesome set on a memorable evening and even the slight hiccup of an amp blowing and the band having to leave the stage for 5 minutes didn’t hamper the night.The great thing about these smaller venues is the things that don’t normally happen in larger ones such as Darby Todd coming to the front of the stage and leaning over to get a pint from the barmaid,or the old boy that walked in of the street near the end took one look then quickly buggered off !.It was also great to see Marcello making motions to people in the crowd filming on their phones to tell them to stop….ha ha ! get that one right up you !

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