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Love Zombies – Passionfruit

Love Zombies – Passionfruit

With Love Zombies you know one thing you are going to get be it live or recorded and that is FUN. I first discovered this band at Download 2015, it was wet( of course it was wet you idiot) and they were playing in one of the tents. My mate had heard one track so we made our way up the hill and straight to the barrier to see what would unfold…and I have loved them ever since.

Live they were just quirky, fun and full of excellent Pop/Punk songs and that is transferred to CD perfectly on this their debut full length release Passionfruit. This band was only a part time band which will probably explain why many people may not have heard of them but Hollis gave up the day job so to speak as singer in Ginger Wildheart’s band Hey Hello to put her efforts into making this band work full time.

I think Passionfruit will prove she made the right decision. It is loaded with punky, quirky, crazy and brilliant tracks and although this is a pledge release it deserves a full release with a massive push behind it as let’s face it we all need love and who better to get that from than zombies?

The album kicks off with “Oblivion” and sets the tone for all the tracks to come. A fast paced punky number with Hollis taking you back to the 70s with that beautiful Blondie voice of hers. “Lighten Up” takes a slower pace and you get to really hear the band and the performance. It is also Love Zombies motto as they want everyone to be happy, guns to be put down along with your phones and to discover human interaction again….you cannot fail to be happy when listening to this band. Passionfruit should be available on prescription as it would cure so many ailments.

Robots & Aliens” is as crazy as you could imagine, the pace is back up and you get a cracking guitar backbone. This is a song to bop along too. From one extreme to the other with “Spiders” and the strangeness continues as you are informed of all the antics that spiders get up to. It is like a little spider biography and I now have a little mental picture of a spider writing his memoirs.

Favourite Song” really should be your favourite song and as it stands just now it is mine. As silly as the songs can be there is always a message and this one is basically do not take any shit, life is to short. It is also about something I think about a lot and that is how much music means to me and where I would be without it. I am sure we all have those songs that transport you to another time and place, only music can do that. Music is my very own time machine and it is never more prevalent than at a gig, time just freezes. All worries and cares are left at the venue doors and all that matters are the bands in front of you and the friends around you…time stands still and this song encapsulates that feeling.

Big and Strong” comes out more like a rock ballad, it is slow and smouldering. You get the backing vocals and the building guitars with a cracking chorus. Again this song is about picking you up and looking forward to better times, something they do brilliantly. “Backwards World” gives us that punk vibe with a crunchy sound. It settles and sees Hollis going for a more settled vocal. I loved the ooh, ooh and the message of no matter how crap things are if it is all switched round you are doing fine.

“fast and frantic” is just outright funny. With lyrics like “You never ever ever get me flowers, you just wanna get down my trousers” you cannot help but smile but there is a message once again…and for the guys this time, so you best pay attention fellas.

The song “Birthday” is the first single from the album and for any of the lucky people going to the London show on 30th September you will be in the video as it is being shot that night. They want all involved bringing hats, cakes and presents so it is going to be a lot of fun. The song title made me think of Altered Images and the similarities Hollis and Claire Grogan have. I have a soft spot with Altered Images as I am from Scotland and I also fell in love with this song. “ Who The Fuck Are They” is up next and I cannot wait to sing this song live. I am sure my timing will be crap and I will be well out of sync but who cares when the song is as good as this?

We finish everything off with “Love Zombies Theme Song” and this makes me think of a cheesy american sit com. It has that moving your head from side to side and synchronized hand movements feel. I could see this song being sang by the Banana Splits back when I was kid. It is a brilliant, up beat and adorable little number. It sums this band up to perfection.

Well done guys this is a stunning success in my eyes and I hope everyone gets to hear it and see you live and get that Love Zombie lightening bolt I received in that tent on a soggy English day…you blew the clouds away for a short time and this album had the same effect. See you in Glasgow.

Catch Love Zombies on tour now with The Amorettes.

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