Love Zombies/ The Amorettes @ king Tuts Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow Sep27


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Love Zombies/ The Amorettes @ king Tuts Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow

Love Zombies/ The Amorettes @ king Tuts Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow

We are well and truly into high season as far as gigs go. Tonight sees my third in two days and it is another cracking co headlining show which along with the arena, four band gigs is becoming more and more popular. As a fan it is all about bang for your buck and for bands it is an obvious winner.

Tonight we have what would appear to be a strange mix of The Amorettes and Love Zombies. You may think the mix of pure Rock/Metal and Pop/Punk might not cut it but not one person here tonight would complain. I suspect a good majority here were definitely coming to see The Amorettes who as home town girls were obviously last on at 10.30 but myself and a good few traveling Love Zombies fans(you know who you are) were in place front and centre when the openers took the stage.

It has been a busy week for LZ as they have just released their amazing debut album “Passionfruit” (which has sadly been detained by customs…which I can only imagine is due to the entertainment factor being too high). Luckily all the pledgers at least got a copy of the album via download and although we didn’t get much time to listen to it the new songs were still sung back at them with fervor.

At 9.15 the band took to the stage, plugged in and awaited the far too energetic Hollis to bounce up to the mic stand and burst into the opening track from the new album ”Oblivion” which went down a treat and I could see the Amorettes fans stand to attention and take notice. Next up we had a trio of older numbers in “We On You”. Teleportation” and “International Bug”. At this point the band now realise what a show in King Tuts is all about…hot and sweaty. Hollis is parched and steals a sup of beer from the audience, Davey is dripping a puddle on the floor and poor Chema’s double blue mohawk looks to be lilting a bit.

By this point even the bikers in the audience are pogoing around and having a blast, this band’s energy is completely contagious and you cannot fail to enjoy the show…I call it the Love Zombie’s first bite, after that you are infected with love, fun and a fuck you attitude.

We now tear into a run of new songs with “Favourite Song”, Backwards World” and “Fast And Frantic” coming out tops for me…especially the motions and reinforced lyrics on the latter. We now have Hollis taking a breather to hail a large influence in the band as they burst into one of the best covers of The Ramones “Blitzkreig Bop” I have heard live and if there was anyone left in this venue who was not won over yet they were singing “Eh, Oh, Lets Go” along with the rest of us…and just as loud. It was at this point in the show things really ramped up. The band burst into my favourite track from “Passionfruit” which is “Love Zombies Theme Song” which works brilliantly live and once again had everyone bouncing and screaming L, O, V, E Zombies. This really does sum up this band.

Back to another old and great track in “Gasoline” which kept the tempo up as did “Birthday” even with the bikers announcing one of them had a birthday so they got it dedicated to them(quick note for the band…this was just so one member got a pile of abuse for later). We finished the night on another new song but I think it was perfectly placed in the set as it comes over really strong and with Hollis winding up the crowd with annoyance about people who tell you what to do, what to think….and to ask the question “Who The Fuck Are They?”. I am glad we got a little extra help with the timing of the lyrics as I have been getting them wrong all week and the band left the stage to people still singing and a massive cheer.

Tonight was a perfect example of how to work an audience, this band really are something special live. A lot of people from Glasgow will be on facebook, youtube and google finding out what you do with Love Zombies…it is a very simple answer…you hug them, you love them and you follow them wherever they go.

Providing the main course in tonight’s feast of entertainment were up and coming local trio The Amorettes.Taking to the stage later than advertised, they had succeeded in ramping up the anticipation and were greeted like returning heroes. Closing the show afforded them the luxury of a longer set than their recent “surprise” guest slot at the Bring Back Rock Radio Bash.

It took me a while to work out who they remind me of then it hit me, they are a female version of Airbourne. Although the end result is quite different some of the same characteristics are evident,the same driving, relentless rock & roll, the headbanging with hair flying everywhere and the same no nonsense song titles.”Bull By The Horns”,”Get What’s Comin”,”Hot & Heavy”,”Let The Neighbours Call The Cops” and the intriguing “Man Meat” which for the life of me I cannot figure out what it’s all about ?. Add a dash of good old NWOBHM and you might get an idea of what Gill Montgomery on vocals and guitar along with bassist Heather McKay and her sister Hannah on drums sound like.

Road warriors in the truest of senses the band have come on leaps and bounds in the last year and grown in confidence,none more so than Gill who when speaking onstage realises that this is her crowd.With lots of audience participation it’s fantastic to see her rising to the occasion and along with Heather & Hannah she has a permanent grin spread across her face throughout the hour long set. As well as Gill both the sisters have also benefited from numerous trips up and down the country’s motorways, Hannah plays with such force that she delivers numerous punches to the gut and Heather looks every inch the rock star in waiting with her bass slung low like Duff McKagan or Sid Vicious,  but unlike Sid she can actually play.

With the latest album “White Hot Heat” (produced by Luke Morley from Thunder) raising eyebrows everywhere and Nicky Horne on The Friday Night Rock Show championing their cause,it’s an understatement to say that The Amorettes are on the upwards escalator.

Tonight was a brilliant showcase for new and very talented bands, it shows that touring can pay off and even when people’s calendars are full to bursting with gigs you can pack a venue. This is down to doing the hard yards, the constant touring, the social media promo and basically being awesome. Well done to both bands tonight and thank you for sheer entertainment.

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