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Review : Hey Hello – Too

Review : Hey Hello – Too

It is always difficult to bring out an album after a singer leaves, even more difficult if that album was recorded in full with the previous singer and you then re record it. Now, I will not delve into what happened or what the situation was but in my opinion Hollis Mahady is a brilliant singer and was an integral cog in the Hey Hello machine.

I think that this album may have been released too early, they do not have a new singer in place yet and the vocal duties come from drummer Ali and Ginger himself, along with a whole host of guest singers. No matter how many times I listen to this album I hear hollis all the way through it. She was the one who dragged the sound away from The Wildhearts so to hear ginger singing these quirky upbeat numbers doesn’t work for me.

Don’t get me wrong all the guest singers makes a good go of it but it seems that there is no stamp of an original singer, as if they were trying to recreate previous vocals.

The album opens with “All Around The World” which has that upbeat, quirky Hey hello pop/punk attitude. “This Ain’t Love” kicks off like “Oh Mickey”, it is catchy as you would expect and you will probably be singing along before too long”.

Glass Of Champagne” comes at you like a Buggles track…tongue in cheek and a bit raunchy. “Kids” will probably have you laughing out loud and every parent will agree with the lyric “ Kids Are Going To Screw You Up” but most of us would never say it out loud. Like most of the songs on display it is fast and comes in at the radio friendly 3.30 minute mark.

Forever Young” gets the first bit of heavy riffage but the song slips back to an almost football chant…could this be a world cup song? Now with “Loud And Fucking Clear” I was jumping up and down and yelling yes whilst headbanging. The start is amazing, it has Ginger doing a cracking punk pumped song. I loved this one.

Can’t Stand You (Hurting Me)” found the best vocals for me from the guest singer, she is putting her own stamp on it which sounds like Debbie Harry and I preffered this vocal approach much more. “ Lets Get Emotional” starts off like a punk anthemic number before diving into full on Motorhead. Ali takes on another vocal range and pulls off a near perfect L7 sound. This song is a little belter.

On “ A History Of lovers” we get some slide and we get Ginger back again . This did not grab me and I have to put that down to Ginger not fitting on this style of song. “ Body Parts” is almost full on pop, It is a mix between the two vocalists with an 80s chorus, with a real oriental mix.

The album finishes off with “Perfect” and a cacophony of sound. The band are going out trying to grab you by the ears and they definitely manage that.

Too” is not a bad album, under different circumstances it could have been a corker. I will put my hand up and say I may just be too close too the band and it’s history, it may have been too soon for me to listen to it but I can only tell you how it makes me feel at this time so I apologise in advance to the band and fans concerned if this is not your reaction. I hope the band tie down a singer and focus on maturing that quickly.

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