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Review : Joe Bonamassa – Live At The Greek Theatre

Review : Joe Bonamassa – Live At The Greek Theatre

This man really needs no introduction, he has been at the forefront of blues for a very long time. Personally I have watched his career spiral out of all recognition from a very old and tatty ferry on the west coast of Scotland to earlier this year when he played to a sold out crowd in Glasgow as he performed a tribute to his blues heroes.

This DVD/CD also harks back to his heroes in the form of the three kings( Albert, BB and Freddie). The whole package is just beautiful which comprises the audio and video of the show(with some interchangable songs) and clocks in at over two hours of blues heaven. As if this is not enough you get an bonus DVD which is packed with behind the scenes, interviews with his parents and lots of archives. No fan can live without this as it is such a perfect companion piece and it will give the listener hours of pleasure.

Just like his recent UK tour Joe didn’t take the easy road and the set list chosen although filled with classics there are plenty of surprises and you know that Joe has handpicked these for no other reason other than the pure love he has for them.

The live production for this show is massive, it is made up of an 11 piece band including the likes of Anton Fig, Kirk Fletcher, Reese Wynans, Nick Lane as well as a trio of backing singers. It is more rounded, fuller and all encompassing than anything I have seen Joe do to date. The visuals are faultless and they show off this very special venue in a brilliant bathing light.

The 22 tracks on offer is blues the way they were meant to be played, a big band, a big sound and a whole collection of guitars, horns and piano. There are so many highlights I wouldn’t know where to start but when I throw titles at you like “The Thrill Is Gone”, “Boogie Woogie Woman”, “Let The Good Times Roll”, Ole Time Religion” and the perfectly played “ Oh, Pretty Woman” you know what you are going to get. This is all wrapped up in a passion for blues that I have never witnessed in one man alone.

He is a shining light and for me as well as many others he is the Blues saviour. He has transformed it for the masses without upsetting the die hards. Nobody in this business cuts through the genre and galvanises the sound like Joe Bonamassa. Just the mention of this man’s name in blues circles, be it fan or peer will bring a smile to the face and all will agree he is the modern master of the art and as long as he continues Blues will never truly die.

He has spawned so many bands sounds and just like his heores before him he has made many a child reach for a guitar and be determined to play just like him. No words or praise can ever replicate that feat…in fact Visa should have Joe endorsing them with the line, watching joe Bonamassa influence a whole generation…priceless.

I cannot recommend this enough. If you love Blues, if you love Joe, If you love guitar or you just enjoy amazing songs played exactly as they were meant to be heard just buy this. You will not be disappointed.

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