Shock City presents New Blood @ Hard Rock Cafe Glasgow Sep06


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Shock City presents New Blood @ Hard Rock Cafe Glasgow

Shock City presents New Blood @ Hard Rock Cafe Glasgow

Shock City productions has been on the go now since 2013, predominantly dealing with cover bands and most recently taking residence in tonight’s venue. Recently Shock City has decided to start promoting original bands from Scotland as well as further afield.

They are definitely starting to turn heads, especially with the recent announcement they had booked the band Lords Of Black featuring Ronnie Romero of recent Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow tour. Not only are they doing promotions but branching out into other fields which I will detail later and with half of the team made up of Chris Glen (Alex harvey, Micheal Schenker) and Paul Logue( Eden’s Curse) you know there are plenty of contacts and many, many years in the music business…these guys are going to be a force to be reckoned with as the turnout tonight just goes to show.

The idea behind tonight’s gig is to showcase the talent of three Glasgow bands the first of which was Bromo Dragonfly. These guys are that new their facebook profile is pretty empty but it did not come over that way in their performance. The venue was already well filled out when they took to the stage and a good number were down the front and ready to be entertained and that is precisely what happened.

To me they harked back to the heyday of the Grunge movement. I will be honest and admit this was never a favoured genre of mine( basically due to the fact it killed hair metal and was slit your wrists depressing) but I have mellowed to it over the years and I can finally accept the talent that was there which is still evident today in the ongoing success of Chris Cornell, Alice In Chains and the reemergence of Pearl Jam.

It is no coincidence that I mentioned those three bands as Bromo Dragonfly have elements of them all and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed their set as did the majority of all here tonight.

Prior to Mason Hill taking to the stage we had a very special announcement from Paul Logue…The band had just signed a management deal with Shock City. This is great news as I know they will do a great job with the boys and I eagerly wait to see what they have in store for them(cough, cough….new music).

Now lets get down to the music as I have to agree with Shock City that this bunch of youngsters are one of the most exiting bands in Glasgow at present. I have seen them many times, the last was when they supported the brilliant Stone Broken in Edinburgh. That may have been one of the sweatiest gigs they have played but I can assure you that tonight saw them put all other shows to shame.

They kicked off with “ Your Memory” from their debut(and only) EP. A great kick off with the chugging riffs from James Bird and Marc Montgomery. It also showcases the amazing pipes and stage presence of Scott Taylor.

Next up we get a new song(Yayyyyyy…and I know there is plenty more where that came from) in “Somewhere Else” and it slots into the set perfectly. Next we get the first of three covers in Mississippi Queen which suites them down to a tee. They capture that swampy sound and southern drenched bluesy feel as if they were raised on a porch.

If you have seen this band before you will know that another cover is Black Stone Cherry’s “Rain Wizard” and to me their version is blinding. The only surprise for one and all tonight was when the old acoustic gets dragged out and everyone apart from James and Scott stay on the stage to perform Phil Collins “In The Air Tonight”. This was seemingly a tester for their set in Sheffield that weekend for HRH Highway To Hell which they only went and fucking won( a massive congratulations to the guys and if they played anywhere near as good as the set done tonight there could never have been any doubt). This version was excellent and reminded me of the acoustic version Brent Smith and Zach Myers from Shinedown done last year.

Next up was “Survive” which was dedicated to anyone struggling as this was where the depths of the songwriting came from and the always beautiful “ Where I belong”…the boys ballad and a fan favourite which sees everyone singing along as Scott balances on top of the PA. They finished off with “Now You See Me” and for me that title is very prophetic as I expect the music industry to start paying attention and pretty quickly. These guys are not long for small venues so if you want to see them intimately get to a show now.

Last up and headlining are Stoneface and without sounding too cheeky(or getting a slap from the guys next time they see me) I reckon using the term New Blood is pushing the boat out a bit. Let’s just say they are the mature band of the evening and like a good wine(did I save myself there?) they have done the hours on the stage so they always put on a great show.

Vocalist Stewart Storrie is unusually not wearing one of his many t-shirts and has went for sleeves which he regretted within about 30 seconds…just about the time he started melting like the Wicked Witch of the west End.

The great thing about this band and the years they have put in is that they are such a tight outfit. Their set list is filled with solid originals and a couple of cracking covers in “Slither” and “Fortunate Son”.

There was a moment of confusion as we get introduced to the worst Freddie Mercury lookalike I have ever seen. Thank goodness there was no singing but I am still at a loss as to what it was all about.

Nonsense over the band get back to playing to the crowd and it does not go unnoticed with everyone clapping and singing along. The songs build and culminate in the excellent “ Superhero”. Once again Stoneface show the youngsters how to go about their business and how to work an audience. I have never seen the guys play a bad show and if you get the chance do not miss the chance to see them live.

Tonight was a great showcase of talent from Shock City so hats off to you guys and I am avidly awaiting your next announcement.

Review and Images Ritchie Birnie

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