Stone Broken Interview Sep08


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Stone Broken Interview

Stone Broken Interview

First of all thank you for taking time out of your hectic schedule to speak to us here at Jace Media. We really appreciate your time.

Q It must be a really exciting time for you guys right now, the album coming out to great reviews, the deal with Frontiers, shooting videos and your festival appearances. Could you ever have thought 2016 was going to be such a good year for you?

A No not at all ! It’s crazy how quickly things are moving for us, we can’t quite believe it. 2016 has been such a positive year for us so far, playing some great gigs and meeting some awesome people, and we’re still not done, we still have the small matter of a UK tour to finish the year off. We just hope 2017 will be on par or even better!

Q As you know I have caught you live at all your Scottish gigs this year, can you let us know your most memorable moment from these days and can you say a little about Wildfire Festival as this year was also my first time attending and I thought it was a brilliant weekend.

A Yeah, I think Wildfire was a great gig for us. The number of people that packed into that tent to watch us was brilliant! We had so much fun, not even the rain dampened spirits as everyone was having a great time. Scotland has definitely proved it’s a great place to play.

Q Talking of touring you must have put in some amount of miles traveling this year, how do you acclimatise with the change from normal life to hitting the road? Do any of you have little routines when you take to the road and Robyn, how do you put up with three guys and their nasty habits(we all have them)?

A Well I think we’re starting to get used to it the more we do it now, as most the time we’re playing consecutive shows so the days of playing a gig and going home the same night are now rare. I think the hardest thing we’ve had to deal with is finding time to eat, it’s really one of those situations where you have to eat when you can. But if we could take a personal chef on tour with us touring would be easy! Haha

There’s never a dull moment when all 4 of us are together… I probably play the guys up more if anything… we all have a similar sense of humor and don’t really take each too seriously, and that’s probably why we all get on so well!

Q I would like to touch on the album now. I have to say I think it is fantastic and right up there with the best debut releases. After you had recorded it were you excited or nervous about how it would be received and are you now under some serious pressure for release number two?

A Thank you, that great to hear.

We were a little bit of both really, as we just didn’t know how people would react to it, mainly because we were unsure if there was space on the scene for a band with our style. But we are really proud of what we produced and just wanted to share it with the world, and if no one liked it? Then hey we had a blast writing and recording an album we were proud of. But it’s been great how well it’s been received.

There is definitely a lot of pressure writing the second album especially as the first album has been received so well. You can’t help but think what if it doesn’t live up to the hype we’ve built from the first album. I think we just need to forget about that though, and just get into the mindset we had when we were writing our debut, and that’s just let’s just write some songs we’re proud of and if we’re happy with them then everything should fall into place.

Q Reading a bit deeper into the album you seem very clued up for youngsters, from the album title, the lyrical contents of the likes of Not Your Enemy, This Life and Better, where did your focus and drive come from?

A I think we’re all pretty driven, it’s just who we are as people, but we just love being in a band and writing and performing songs we have written. So our drive just comes from the love and enjoyment of just being in a band. But as regards to lyrics and titles, we all draw from life experiences and put them across in our lyrics. Our songs are like a snap shot of an emotion we’re feeling at that time, and every time we play them, it’s like looking back through some old photos and you get to feel the same feelings again.

Q you have a couple lighter numbers on the record with Wait For You and Stay All Night so who is the soppiest git in the band?

A Well we all have our soppy moments really. I think Kieron is getting soppier, as he’s posting photo’s on his social media platforms of the band with #bestfriends and love hearts! So yea he takes the mantle of the soppiest git for sure.

Q I am really interested on how you came to rest on your sound. It doesn’t hit you as a good Brummie rock sound so how did the four of you come to decide on it?

A Yea we have so many people come up to us after the show and say they can’t believe we’re from the West Midlands, and genuinely thought we would be from Canada or the US. But it’s not something we really sat down and decided on, it just happened. We all have different personal influences and they just shine through in each member. I think the only thing we all collectively decided on was that we wanted a big sound and songs people could sing along to, other than that everything has just naturally fallen into place by itself.

Q I hope you don’t take this the wrong way but as good as the album is it isn’t until you see the four of you on a stage that you realise it is a whole different level. Do you put this down to hard work or is there other elements?

A No we take that as a compliment, we want our live shows to be strong. It’s hard because we will never be able to watch ourselves live, yes we can watch videos but we’ll never be able to stand in a crowd and watch Stone Broken live, well without figuring out how to time travel haha. So we can never fully judge how good we are live. But I think it’s just us having a good time, that’s really what our live show is. And if we have a particularly hot crowd then that enjoyment intensifies more and more as you get a huge adrenaline rush, and I think that’s when our best shows happen.

Q With everything that is going on now do you even have time to focus on what you are doing next? If so what is in store for Stone Broken(and us) in 2017?

A Yea it’s sometimes hard to think beyond a week let alone 2017 haha. Well 2017 will be the year of our second album and working with Frontiers to get our name out there more. So hopefully we can maybe get into Europe and play some shows over there. And we would of course be brilliant if we can get on the Download bill but we’ll see how things play out.

Q I usually finish off with a light hearted and fun question along the lines off” if you had to do a cover of a cheesy pop song what would it be” but you beat me to that, whose idea was it to cover Backstreet Boys and make a brilliant job in completely changing it(for the better in my opinion).

A Ah well we wanted to cover a song that no one would expect, I believe it may have been Kieron who came up with the initial idea of Backstreet Boys but it’s been so long ago now since we introduced it to the set. The thing is now being that’s it’s become a fan favourite and we don’t think we can take it out of the set without receiving backlash. Hey, maybe when we have some free time we could record it and release it as a single haha.

Well thank you again for your time and I wish you all the best in what you do and I have to aoplogise in advance for having to stare at my ugly face in November(at least the camera hides some of it).

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