The Hero Dies First – Rise

The Hero Dies First – Rise

I recently caught this Bedfordshire band in Glasgow of all places(check out our live review of Splintered halo for full update and pictures) and they blew the roof off. I had not came across them before so it was the surprise of the evening and they won myself and everybody present over within minutes. I enjoyed it that much I had to buy this recently released EP and review it.

The full title of the EP is Endgame Part 2 : Rise as it is part two of a four part collection and I will now have to get a copy of part one and I will not be missing parts three and four when they finally come out.

There is something fresh and exciting about THDF sound, you can class it as metal or metalcore and you may say, oh, two singers…heard it all before and yes, there are similarities due to the dual vocals but with the addition of the low gutteral scream it is as if you have three vocalists. The vocals are entwined into the song composure perfectly and seeing them live I know exactly how well they work as a band.

The EP kicks off with “Phantoms” and some serious double tap and crunchy sounds. The song bursts straight in the vocals of the devil who has just caught his dangling parts in his zip. The brutality of this part of the song demands no less. We get a breakdown where the harmonies come in and it is stunning as is the guitar work.

The title track is up next and starts with echoey guitars in what you would think is going to be an indie style track before bursting out with pure metal dual guitars. I loved the melodies, the dark and light and the twisting story.

You will not get a stranger metal song title than “The Castle That Frank Built”. It starts out like a Maiden classic before being ripped and tortured into a hell awaiting guttural barrage. The guitar work shifts with the vocals and once again I think how good the compositions are on these songs.

With a track title like “ Betray you” you know this is going to be no ballad. It takes on an industrial life of its own. The thuddering guitars and drums tries to break your spine and rip your heart from your chest.

All too quickly we get to the final track “Falling From The Sky”. We are sucked into a gentle chill out keyboard before smashing that off the wall, spitting on it and turning our back on it and grabbing those guitars…they are back in force as are the vocals. This band was not going to bow out in a whimper that is for sure. They want you to remember them and if this track does not get stuck in your head you have some serious problems.

I may have discovered The Hero Dies First late but I hope I am here early enough to watch them burst out of Bedford with the forcefulness of the vocals on display. I can see this band taking off in a massive way and with releases like this and such a solid live performance the world is their oyster.

Review Ritchie Birnie

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