Those Damn Crows Album Review- Murder and the Motive

Those Damn Crows

Album Review- Murder and the Motive

Hailing from Wales, Those Damn Crows have a thunderous debut album that puts me very much in mind of ‘Inglorious’ and ‘Stone Broken’, both bands which  have recently been making waves in the British rock scene. This is full on hard, melodic rock of the very highest quality. Gigging relentlessly and their debut single being featured on, has led to them signing their current deal and hey presto their debut album, which is due for release on the 26th of September.

We are given an energetic opening with ‘Don’t Give a Damn’ a straight ahead rocker that really anouncess the bands arrival and pressumably an insight into their attitude when it comes to their music. It really is a full frontal, melodic rock assault, no major surprises just a damn good song, and at the end of the day, isn’t that what it’s all about!

‘7 Days’ carries on in much the same way, non apologetic, straight to the point melodic rock. I can hear hints of ‘Iron Maiden’, ‘Van Halen’, through to the likes of ‘Soundgarden’, all mashed together to give us something that deffinetly harks back to days gone by, but is looking very much to the future.

‘Someone Someday’ changes the pace somewhat, we are no longer in straight hard rock territory. This is more ‘Kings of Leon’ mixed with ‘U2’. It took me a little by surprise but in a very pleasant way, I love it when bands aren’t afraid to switch it up a little and I would not be surprised if this were to be single number 2.

With the superb riffin guitars of ‘The Fighter’ we are back to full on rocking mode again and what a track! Think of a modern day ‘Beating Around the Bush’ and you will understand which territory we are in now. The chorus is one of those oh so memorable melodies, that just gets stuck in your head, and THAT guitar riff, just pure heaven!

‘Blink of an Eye’ changes things up again, showing a deeper side to Those Damn Crows, in a similar way to ‘Someone Someday’ but this time going even deeper. I am really enjoying the variety that is on show in this album, if it had been straight ahead rockers from start to finish, as good as they are, it wouldn’t have given me much to write about. This band has a breadth and depth of material that is really going to make you want to listen to this album over and over again. Even within, ‘I’ll Be Coming Home’, there is that variety from out and out rocker to in depth melodic rock song.

I want to skip ahead and give the lads debut single ‘Fear of the Broken’ a well deserved shout out. After listening to the whole album, I totally understand why they have released it as the debut single. It encompasses everything that ‘Those Damn Crows’ have shown up to now, the depth and breadth of influences and styles they incorporate into their music is very, very impressive and done so seemlessly. From thrashing hard rock to a more, ‘Kings of Leon’, subtle style, ‘Those Damn Crows’ switch it up from song to song, even from within songs, in a very natural way, that just makes sense.

Those Damn Crows are- Shane Greenhall- Vocals

                                         Ian Thomas- Guitar

                                         Ronnie Huxford- Drums

                                         Lloyd Wood- Bass

                                         David Winchurch- Guitar

Reviwer- Simon Larkin

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