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Albert af Ekenstam – “Ashes”.

Albert af Ekenstam – “Ashes”. 
Release date 14th of Oct 2016.

Albert has released two singles (”Walking” and ”Angel Liz”), acted as a warm up act for The Posies and Bear’s Den, moving from Gothenburg to Stockholm to carry on with his music. Not having chance to hear this singer before the cd arrived my review is based on never hearing the artist before. I have to say what a joy it has being to sit and chill to this singer. Reminds me of Art Garfunkel with a bit of Bob Dylan thrown in for good measure his style on the track Ashes (song two on the cd) is a great song very much put me in mind of the great Bob Dylan in my view.The songs work well The whole album flows nicely from one song to the next with the feel of a lazy Sunday afternoon lay in the sun the music is full of movement Having had a stressful day I felt so relaxed once I had finished the album. I would play this album more then the once it will be part of my cd collection some of the tracks flow in a way that forces you to relax Albert has a voice that makes you feel as if you have known him for years and he was on your iPod what a great voice and can only hope there is lots more to come from Alberts expectant audience.will be sitting in hope the next album comes soon Albert af Ekenstam is here to stay.

I look forward to spending many years in the company of his solo material. Has I grow old go out and buy this album its well worth.

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