Echotape live review19 Oct – The Sanctuary, Basingstoke Oct21


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Echotape live review19 Oct – The Sanctuary, Basingstoke

I have been hearing a lot about the band Echotape over the past few months, with following the band on Facebook and having the drummer on my friends list (both of us meeting whilst working for a pensions company years ago). They have been on many adventures recently – namely a recent record deal in May, a very recent visit to Belgium and The Netherlands; and an upcoming support tour for Graham Candy in NL and Germany notwithstanding. They have also been to festivals in The Netherlands and Russia, so things are really starting to happen for this up-and-coming band; considering they have already hit the charts in NL.

The opportunity finally arose for me to go see them Wednesday night, so – not long having landed back in the country from holiday– I made my way to the relatively local venue of Sanctuary in Basingstoke to watch the band in action that I had been following the progress of all year. I think the last time I saw them was several years ago in Salisbury, in their previous iteration Sion.

Sanctuary is a relatively small club venue, with a cash only bar and an old school feel – a place I imagine the lads were more than comfortable in considering their roots playing the humble Rock House in Andover.

First up was a small local band, who I unfortunately did not catch the name of. They put on a great set with their quality sound which was a mix of blues, soul, and jazz with a touch of Latin influence; and high energy performances especially from the drummer and lead guitarist.

Next was Echotape, and after a brief set up, they fired straight into the punchy All My Days, which is a short song but was delivered with tons of energy. Marc Burford on vocals and lead guitar immediately solidifies himself as a strong frontman, belting out the track faithfully to the album version on their second full-length ‘Wicked Way’, including the signature guitar solo.

Their relatively short set of eight songs are all tracks from their latest album, aside from We Should Feel Like. We also got treated to their latest single Friend Like Me early into the set – second song in – and once again it was performed in faithful fashion, the whole band playing with enthusiasm and truly managing to convey the energy contained in this song.

Echotape are clearly a band whose chemistry between the members is immediately apparent; playing in sync and without fault. They deliver their songs perfectly, whilst still maintaining the interaction with the audience, Marc egging everyone on to join in with the songs. Again, I have to say Marc is a stupendous front-,man, who is full of energy and presents a performance worthy of years-established bands. All the members though are strong performers with their instruments of choice – Bow on rhythm guitar is impeccable, and a great showman to boot. Mike, brother of Marc, is on drums and handles them with utter finesse; his timing perfect and his skills bringing a strong backbone to the sound of the band. New bassist Joe completes the line-up well, fitting in with the chemistry between them all, and he is also very skilled at his art.

The band show a lot of promise, and their live show is so good; it is easy to see why they are doing so well abroad – playing at festivals and hitting the charts in NL. They have a lot of potential to move onto even bigger and better things, and deserve to become the next big thing – and have the talent to boot. They have the great songs to dance to, have a solid, cohesive live show, and their chemistry is testament to their future, and with their flawless delivery of performances gives them the perfect mix to succeed.

They have a few more live shows lined up this year, so go on over to and see what’s going on, and if you get the chance I highly recommend you check them out; and pick up the vinyl, CD or t-shirt from the merch stand whilst you’re there.

Niki Flynn


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