Inme @ The Garage, Glasgow Oct22


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Inme @ The Garage, Glasgow

Inme @ The Garage, Glasgow

It is great to see that Inme are becoming regular visitors to Glasgow these days. Too many years went by without them and since I caught back up with them about three years ago I have not missed a show. You know you are always in for a great performance and tonight was no exception.

Inme brought along Aaron Buchanan and The Cult Classics with them on this tour and I have to say I was more than pleased. That name may not ring any bells but how about if I mention Heaven’s Basement, yeah, I thought that may change things.

Many moons ago I packed up my life in Scotland and moved to Peterborough, England(don’t ask why). Peterborough may have been many things but a hub for good rock and metal it most definitely wasn’t. You had to make the journey to London and pay an exorbitant fee for a train ticket. For that reason anytime there was live music in Peterborough I would be there and in the very shady Met lounge I came across a young band called Heaven’s Basement and they turned my head immediately. If I remember correctly they were only a support band that night but I knew they were headed for much bigger things.

That seemed to be the case with a brilliant debut album stuffed with cracking rock songs but it all fell apart when Aaron took leave of the band. I tried to like the new singer but for me it was not the same so when I heard the name banded about as making a comeback I had to check out if they could capture that old spirit.

The first thing that hits you is that this man is at home on a stage, he works it and the crowd so well. The next thing to take notice of is the band that he has surrounded himself with. It must be a tough one to start the whole process again, no matter what the reasons for the previous split were. Aaron informed us that he had made a pact with his sister Laurie that if things ever went wrong he would get together with her and man I am now glad that things collapsed with Heaven’s Basement as she is a pocket dynamite on guitar. She took to the stage with Black Jeans and jacket and matching hat, t-shirt and telecaster. Once she plugged in and played she reminded me of a mix of Orianthi, Sambora and Stevie Ray Vaughn.

The rest of the band are no slackers either with a seasoned pro on drums in Kev Hickman, four string supremo Chris Guyatt and birthday boy Tom McCarthy. The man who got a serious dose of malfunction as a present. The poor boy had to deal with bad connections on his pedal board but he twiddled, kicked, prayed a little bit and got on with the show.

This band is very young in its inception so there was very little for me to research before I got here tonight, something I was quite happy about as I wanted this to be new and fresh. They got a pretty healthy nine song set list to get us going and even threw a few Heaven’s Basement tracks at us which was a cracking surprise but it was their own material I was really interested in.

I will be honest the sound was not great, the vocals were too quiet but there was some great material in there. “Dancin’ Down below”, “Devil That Needs You” and “Show Me” gives you a real feel for this band but for me the Title Track from the upcoming Debut “Man With Stars In His Knees”( I hope I got that right) was immense. Aaron introduced this as his best attempt at Freddie Mercury and with his strutting and vocals he does a damned fine job. I would also ask you to go check out the bands acoustic version of “Love Of My life” which they done for Freddie’s 70th Birthday. It is stunning.

This was an excellent set and introduction to this band and I cannot wait to hear the album and hopefully catch them live again soon. There is only one thing I ask and that is the inclusion of Executioner’s Day…I need to see this done live and properly again.

Before this band steps onto the stage you know what to expect from Inme. I class them as a band’s band due to the technical ability on offer. It is so good I feel kind of stupid not being able to really comprehend on a musical basis how good they are. My ability took me to the advanced class in triangle playing and that was it but I can stand in awe as three guitarists playing arpeggios and finger picking in unison.

The talent is completely hidden in the normality and down to earth nature of the guys. They saw fame at an early age and now they are here on this stage 20 years later, still doing what they love but having to juggle real jobs and daily lives so it gives them a bloke in the pub type approach which is really endearing. It also comes over well and the audience who like me have followed this band for some time really appreciate it all.

The set tonight spanned those 20 years and mixes old and new with ease. Each album is different in its own way but everything is Inme without a doubt. They are one of those bands you can instantly recognise. Dave McPherson is very talkative as always and let us know he is finally taking care of himself now, less drinking, stopped smoking and he new feels worse that ever. He did say the band couldn’t take it easy if they were in Glasgow as it would just be rude. He also nearly started a war when the Glasgow/Edinburgh divide was brought up but he quickly put that to bed(by ignoring it and playing another song).

The other great thing about Inme is that they don’t do the whole encore bullshit, They want to play as much as they can. The guys are only playing 11 gigs on this tour and that is done by taking holidays from work so why piss about with encores? Nope, like the toolboxes on stage instead of risers this is Inme all over. Bang for your buck, respecting the paying punters and doing a job. A job they could have so easily given up on.

There were some brilliant memories tonight what with the band introduction going along the lines of this is my brother, we came from the same place… literally(think about that) and this is Simon Taylor, he has been looking at my ass for 20 years. Musically they are all highlights but for me the special ones were the old ones and the touching dedication on Legacy but to be fair the newer tracks are picking up pace and the crowd are really on the ball with sing alongs(especially when Dave puts down a gauntlet of surely Glasgow has the best singers).

The whole night was finished with the always amazing “Overdose” and “Faster The Chase” which had the most surrealistic part when Dave splits the crowd down the middle and asks people to Ballroom Dance in the space made…which was duly done but strangely with all men?

This band never fail to entertain and I have yet to see one bad set from them. Things may have moved on during the last 20 years but just seeing those smiling faces on stage lets me know this gig is not about us alone, no, this is about performing, not giving up on your dream no matter what barriers are thrown down. It is about a group of guys re bonding, leaving shitsville behind and just kicking ass on a rock ‘n’roll journey.

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Inme @ The Garage, Glasgow

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