Psychework Interview Oct05


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Psychework Interview

Psychework Interview

Hi guys, thanks for joining us on this interview today, we really appreciate your time.

So I listened to The Dragon’s Year and was totally blown away by

it. I understand the album was penned during Antony’s days of personal hell when he were being treated for leukemia. It must have been awful to go through that – the lyrics were like a therapy for him I believe?

First of all, thank you. Yes, most of the songs are story of that

time. Somehow, I got the spark back to write music when I was in hospital.

So things just started to show up on the paper. I wrote lyrics first and

the music and the melodies came later. But yes, writing lyrics was perfect

therapy for me. I got escape for a while.

The lyrics were done before the demos were formulated – how easy was it to work the music around the lyrics or did it just flow easily?

I think, when you have lyrics it’s easier to write music around it. But it took quite long time to find the right music style, Psychework style . Arranging the songs took more time than writing the lyrics and composing. That was like banging a head against the wall


The album is a masterpiece and full of varying styles, which go some way towards symbolising Antony’s struggle with the disease. Are you happy with the album or s there some aspects you would wish to change?

Wow, big words but thank you. We are very happy about it. We made it!

We spent lot of time, nerves, blood, sweat and tears for it. There was a

time when this whole album thing was a daydream for me. But hell yeah, we

made it. The first album is always the first one. There’s always

things you could do better. But I think that’s part of creative work.

The influences from Iron Maiden are clear in your previous band Machine Men, and there is still a hint of it with Psychework – are you planning to expand with this sound and follow a similar line, or will you split off into an entirely different sound for the next album?

We have lot of material ready, more or less, for the next album but it’s not current thing right now. Anyway, we are proud of our roots.

You have played a couple of shows at home in Finland this year for the first time as Psychework. I see you have a few more shows lined up too – is there plans for a larger tour outside of Finland for The Dragons Year?

We really hope we will have a chance to tour abroad someday. Hope

soon! We will tour Finland the beginning of the next year so maybe at the

spiring? We really hope that.

What are your plans after The Dragon’s Year? Considering the album has released to positive reviews, do you think you may be under pressure to release a class act like this album again? Or do you have some new material already lined up in wait for a new album?

Yes, we have lot of new material ready more or less. I think there

will be always some kind of pressure but in a good way. It makes you write

better songs. But the schedule for the next album is still open. We will

keep the hard work for the The Dragons year album, promoting as much

as we can. Make great gigs and spread the word all over.

The album is out now in the UK and is received great reviews here. How well do you think Psychework will continue to do on our fair island?

Yes, we have heard about the good reviews and we are very happy about

it. I think the next move would be touring UK but we’ll see! It’s

still open. But someday, we promise that.

I know you are big fans of Iron Maiden – what is your favourite

album of theirs and have you seen them live many times?

I’ve seen Iron Maiden almost ten times. I think their best album is Somewhere in time. Great songs. It brings me memories from my childhood.

What words can you say to prepare the UK for Psychework, if people are new to your work and Machine Men?

There is a great meaning behind Psychework songs. I think that is a

rare thing now days. I think the world is full of meaningless radio music.

Stories about weekend parties and sunshine. It’s not Psychework thing. If

you want to hear good metal music with strong lyrics and strong melodies, you should check it out our new album The Dragons year.

Thanks very much for allowing some time for us here at Jace Media.

Is there anything you would like to add for listeners in the UK?

Spread the word of Psychework and hope to see you soon! Go english


All the best, Antony / Psychework

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