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Tyketto – Reach

Tyketto – Reach

October must be 1990s revival month. I have just finished doing a review on Hardline’s amazing new album and then this drops onto my desk. For me there were three bands that made my 90s(and none of them were grunge I can assure you) and that was Hardline, Tyketto and Thunder and with this album I have the delight of having those last two bands kind of wrapped together now that Chris Childs is playing bass.

Just Like hardline Tyketto burst into my life with their debut album. “Don’t Come Easy” was an instant classic, I knew it as soon as I heard it and I have not changed my thoughts to this day, It is an amazing album from start to finish. Part of the reason I have real beef with Grunge was how it killed my beloved hair Metal and how it shut down so many amazing bands of that era, bands that just didn’t get the shot they deserved.

This band should have been huge and if they had hit the scene mid 80s they would have been. There is nothing more frustrating than shouting from the rooftops how good a band is and nothing happening. You don’t want to be wrong and I knew without doubt it was not me, it was the rest of the world that was wrong and I stand by that statement to this day.

I hope “Reach” breaks this band again as the album and band deserve it and maybe with Chris Childs in the fold he will bring on the luck of Thunder who have seen a resurgence since they decided to come back full time. There is definitely a pattern between these two bands as they have had a good few final tour/shows between them. I know a lot of people shoot down bands who call it quits and then come back but with these two I will take a live show any time.

I can safely say I have notched up a fair few live shows of these bands and I cannot wait for the tours they both have lined up. Back in the 90s Danny Vaughn had an amazing voice and after seeing them play an acoustic and a full electric set at Download in 2014 I know he have not lost it. This upcoming gig has me all hot and sweaty and with new material of this quality I will even let go of some of the old set list stalwarts without a complaint.

The album kicks off with title track “Reach” which you will probably all have heard by now as it is the lead single. It set my fears at rest as soon as I heard it as I just wanted Tyketto back to their best and this did not disappoint and I am happy to say it is not even close to being the best track on the album.

Big Money” thunders to life with drums and a Deep purple rumble, a big change for the band but with the vocals and chorus this ends up sounding like an Extreme classic. The chorus is tattooed with Tyketto right down it’s spine.

kick Like a mule” does exactly what it says on the tin. This was my first favourite with its lazy guitars and heavy bass work. You have Danny spitting his vocals at you in a frenzied anger and spite. It is as heavy as hell and twice as hot. “Circle the wagons” slows it all down and who else does a Ballad like Tyketto or Danny’s solo band for that matter? His soaring voice and the angelic backing vocals takes you back to the very best this band had to offer two decades ago.

The band wanted to depart from the Tyketto song tick sheet and they manage it but it is only in small measures and on “ I Need it Now” you have a real Thunder feel to it, something about the melodies and the guitar work gave it away. Fear not though fans as this is unmistakably Tyketto.

Tearing Down The Sky” floats straight back to the guitar sound that turned me onto the band in the first place. That little riffage leading onto the melodic mountain climbing that leads onto a chorus which sounds huge. Sheer heaven to the old school fans but a brilliant intro to anyone who has not heard of them.

If I had to pick a favoured style of this bands songs it would have to be one kicking off with an acoustic and so I introduce “letting Go”. It has all the hallmarks of the classics and holds it own to every one of those babies. It is a belter. “The Fastest Man Alive” has a heavy assed riff right from the off and is a real beauty, the moment this started all I could think of was I hope they play this live. Please include this one guys…I will even get to sing at the top of my voice….hey, hey,hey.

Remember My Name” is powerful both in sound and lyrically. This has a winding riff, melody to spare and that huge chorus once again. The new additions to this band have really pumped some life into the band and although “Dig in deep” was a great album this is miles ahead in energy and in “Sparks Will Fly” it shows exactly what I mean. It has an almost blues feel and you can hear Chris dig in with that bass and really shine.

Penultimate track “Scream” is a slow burner that lets Danny tell you a story the way that only this band can do. It is a song of despair, pain and frustration and with the emotion that seeps through you know it comes from the heart. The whole thing is wrapped up with “ The Run” and the old acoustic is back out again(yeehaw). It is a cross of Spanish, country and Tyketto, that guitar flick kicks in and you just know this is going to build into a blinder. For me they kept the best to last as this song is sublime and my favourite hands down. The break out just makes you smile and if your toes ain’t tapping call the funeral director.

Reach is the album I have been waiting for since that debut, an album that meets my very high expectations and proves my faith in this band was well founded. It is so good to have the guys back with a brilliant album and a tour to look forward too. Now all we need is for the rest of the world to catch on this time and I will be shouting louder than I ever did in the 90s.

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