You Me At Six, Limelight Belfast Oct12


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You Me At Six, Limelight Belfast

By Sara Bak
You Me At Six, Limelight Belfast

“The show tonight proved to me just how much a band can grow musically in the space of a few years “

It’s been a good few years since I saw You Me At Six live, they’ve released a lot of new material and I was waiting for a chance to hear it live.

The doors opened at 8pm and 4 young lads took to the stage; ‘Vant’. They introduced themselves as a new, British band with some influences of indie, grunge and rock.

“Personally never hearing of Vant I was quite impressed by their stage presence and quality of their songs”

They started off with a long melodic intro that went down well with the crowd. As the next few songs played they introduced grungy drum beats and the atmosphere in the venue instantly picked up.

The You me at six show started beautifully with a set of ambient lights and a song from a previous album; ‘When I was younger’.14694918_1895066717391338_2138705632_n

They played one of their all time favourites and one of their heavier songs; Bite my tounge – which front man performs perfectly.

The song originally features guest vocals from Oli Sykes – frontman of bring me the horizon. Oli has also been raising funds in respect of one of their friends. He plans to raise this by climbing Kilimanjaro.

A box had been set up at the door, the funds are being split between a Brighton based charity that helped one of the Architects band members with his fight with cancer that he unfortunately did not pull through.

As the performance began to draw to a close Josh interacted with the crowd and made a small speech about their lives outside the band and suprisngly their involvement in politics:

14642817_1895066710724672_671680696_n‘Insert a few bad Donald Trump jokes here’

At this point in the night the gig was coming to an end and to finish it off the band played some new material and they spoke some kind words about the importance of friendship.

“The sound was crystal clear, the smoke and the lights changed the moods of the songs and created a desired atmosphere”14689203_1895066714058005_1336513930_o

To see a band with the same presence they had when they played here many moons ago is why Belfast has always welcomed their return, and after that performance I expect this gesture will continue


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