Airbourne/ Crobot/ The Franklys @ The Barrowland, Nov29


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Airbourne/ Crobot/ The Franklys @ The Barrowland,

Airbourne/ Crobot/ The Franklys @ The Barrowland, Glasgow

A couple of months after The Aussie Wrecking crew blew Glasgow apart Airbourne were here to finish the job…let the party commence.I really felt sorry for The Franklys, another all too familiar early start meaning an empty hall, mix that with how different they are to the headliners meant it was going to be a tough night. Their brand of punk tinged rock just never fitted in but the girls did not give a damn and for those of us here who had heard them before we were more than happy.

The songs done live were excellent and watching Fanny Broberg going bat shit crazy was epic. The woman is like a female Angus Young, never at rest and the hair is whipped all over the place. Jennifer Ahlkvist held your attention with her vocals, he guitar playing, blonde hair and stunning good looks.

I had hoped they would be appreciated more but sometimes it just doesn’t happen but I will be looking forward to their album release next year, you should too as this band is as solid as they come.

Crobot suffered a bit too from the wrong crowd syndrome. I usually like good triple bills but sometimes a bit more thought needs to go into the booking of them. I love this band and have seen them live many times so I got a little bit riled up with such a damp audience reaction. By the time they took the stage the hall had filled up considerably but you got the feeling that the crowd were here for one thing and one thing only. It was as if they had decided they were not going to be entertained by anyone other than Airbourne.

I put this disappointment behind me and got on with enjoying the show. This band kick ass, there is no other way to say it and latest album “Welcome To Fat City” is the funkiest album of 2016. It shakes, it rattles and it rolls right over you like a steamroller.

I was also pleased to say they got a good cut of the deck when it came to set length with 11 tracks of which we saw new and old. As expected the older tracks went down well but hey, this is bread and butter to these guys and with songs like “Skull Of Geronimo” and “Nowhere To Hide” you know you are going to be grooving like Floyd from the muppets but I wanted the new songs now I had managed to play the album to death.

New tracks like “ Easy Money”, “Right Between The Eyes” and strangely titled “Plague of The Mammoth”( Stay off the drugs kids) were downright steaming hot. A Crobot show really does keep you thinking as you do not know what to focus on, the songs, the rubber legged, smooth moves of singer Brandon Yeagley, the never stopping or standing still or upright Jake Figuereo or being in the audience when bishop’s guitar does not stay on its strap and decides to fly across the stage when he flips it around his body. (admit it…we all want to be there when that happens).

I do not care what tonight’s crowd reaction was as Crobot knocked it out of the park as always. They never fail to entertain and I hope they do their own tour again soon…like a pothead with the munchies you just cannot get enough.

After two luke warm receptions I am hoping this crowd is going to finally kick it up a gear for Airbourne after all what band would you put money on to bring beer to the BBQ?

The lights go down and we get a deafening roar followed by the theme music from Terminator 2…then the set lights burst into action and the band storm the stage and the opening chords of “Ready To Rock” come at you like a steam train. That is quickly followed by “Too Much,Too young, Too Fast” and that good old Scottish saying “Chewin’ The Fat”(and if you have not watched that TV series of the same name I recommend it thoroughly). The band went straight for the throat with classics and finally the crowd are warming up. The reigns are pulled back in again with newbies “Rivalry” and “Girls In Black”. The new album has had a bit of stick from some quarters but these slot in like old gems and as we get Joel’s first lets give myself brain damage by smashing a full can of beer on my head till it explodes as he hails the legend that is Lemmy with the song “ it’s All For Rock’N’Roll”. He ties it in with the homage the man only needed two bottles of Jack and two packets of salt’n’vinegar crisp(that chips to you foreigners).

This is an Airbourne gig so you know the main man is going to go walkabout as some point and tonight he is on fire, one trip into the crowd, one to the bar via the crowd(and more brain damage can opening) and a few climbs up on the PA…he really was in the stars tonight as this venue is bedecked with them all over the roof.The light show was fantastic, the amps were piled to the roof and the band were on fire. It does not matter whether you see this band in a tiny venue, an all standing affair like tonight or a festival you get your money’s worth and the band always leave you wanting more.

Rocks good time band go from strength to strength and basically if you ever see that they are playing in your town get a ticket, don’t even think about it as you will have a ball.

Images and review Ritchie Birnie


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