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Album Review : Beasto Blanco – Beasto Blanco

Album Review : Beasto Blanco – Beasto Blanco

Beasto Blanco are back with album number two. The debut was a punch in the face with its industrial, gritty, raw and ballsy sound. It was unique and totally fresh and although I stumbled upon this band from my long term love of Alice Cooper it was the sound, the dirt track vocals and the pure attitude that got me on board straight away.

I am sure Beasto Blanco does not ring bells for many outside the Alice Cooper camp but this album is going to change all that. I am amazed this album is actually out this year as you would think that after Chuck Garric’s massive stint with Mr Cooper on the Motley Crue farewell tour he would want to take a break but no and gimme a hell yeah for that.

The album opens with “Buried Angels” and bursts into the industrial sound they have mastered and made their own. You will always associate BB with Alice Cooper, there is his vibe, the harmonies and the early Cooper voice but like a rattlesnake from the California desert it is twisted and deadly. I love Chuck’s voice, it fits with songs like this and you don’t want nice crisp vocals sometimes, sometimes you just want to crack a beer and rock your ass off. Perfection is for pussies…real men(and one mean woman) just kick ass.

Grind” is up next and it is also the latest video. This song took me back to early ZZ Top, before they got all production orientated. It does have the dragged through the mud feel, to me it sounds like a soundtrack from a movie where they are going to drop a body off in the desert. It is also as catchy as hell.

Next up is probably the best Alice Cooper cover I have ever heard. Daddy must be real proud as baby girl Calico kicks it all off before Chuck bursts in. BB owned this song, the vocal switch is brilliant and shuts anyones mouth who says she is there as a prop. Whether you loved or hated the original of this track I promise you will enjoy this version.

With track “Carcosa” we take a different tact and the whole song is built on a bass/drum backbone that slithers and bites. The vocals are more reminiscent of Ozzy and it has some pop tinges but the guitar breakout is orgasmic. The two founding members know their trade and both scream for your attention.

Death Rattle” kicks off with a futuristic intro before settling on a sleazy, whisky steeped crawl through the song with echo guitars, huge chorus and hooks aplenty. With a song title like “Dark Matter” you would be expecting a futuristic, science based number and as it starts you are not far off. The Ozzy vocal sound is back, the song is complete atmosphere and was an instant favourite for me for the pure tangent of sound and style.

Sadhana” is a Billy Bob Thornton talk through before leading into track “ I Rise” which gets back to a warped guitar sound and obliterated vocals. The band have really went through the box of tricks for sound here. You will be scratching your head trying to figure out all the instruments that are packed in to one song. With all the sounds going on you would expect a mash up that gets lost but it kicks like a mule.

Machine Girl” has who other than Calico kicking things off and taking the helm. I can only liken her to a musical Harley Quinn, warped, deadly and puts a spell on you from the off. Once again the guitars take over the track and make it all the more special.

On “Honey” we get the obliterated vocals, some tribal drums and a beat that demands to be heard. The chorus has a sing along chant and some Alice Cooper’s tongue in cheek lyrics. “Blind Drive” is a straightforward rocker with spat out vocals, a brilliant chorus again and the end splinters like a baseball bat hitting a chainsaw.

Last track “Damnation” is a Rob Zombie special and this song would be perfect for any one of his horror films. The album goes out with all guns blazing as this track is immense and I can imagine screaming it at the top of my voice in the live arena.

Take a bow Beasto Blanco as you have produced a dirty, sleazy masterpiece. I suspect this album is going to turn heads and although this is what you would call a side project that name alone tarnishes the quality on offer and makes it sound kind of throw away. This album and this band are far too damned good to be caged in-between albums and tours. This is a full time project if I have ever heard one and I hope the upcoming European tour is stretched to incorporate the UK as I am desperate to see this band live.

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