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EP Review : Gone Savage – Resurrection


EP Review : Gone Savage – Resurrection

This Three piece from Chorley have been around the block a bit which shows in the quality in this release. Gone Savage may not be a name people are familiar with outside their local area but with a top notch EP in Resurrection they are determined to throw off that local band moniker and get back out into the world that the band members are familiar with. With the guys previous employment at the likes of Dare and Sweet Sin you know you are in for an above average treat.

The first track “ When The Circus Comes To Town” goes all atmospheric on us with a lengthy spoken intro from various sources but when the song kicks in you get a heavy assed riff which took me back a few decades, back to a band called Dark Star. A band I loved but just never broke out. If I picked up the lyrics right this track is perfectly timed with all the nonsense going on over the pond and the circus that is world politics.

Soul Sister” takes you to the brilliant front cover with it’s church bells tolling at the start, which leads to just an acoustic and vocals and yes, it has to be a ballad. Now ballads either work or fall flat on their ass. For me it is a very fine line between brilliance and pop drivel but luckily Gone Savage pulled this one off in style.

If It Feels Good, Do It” is next and again it has that familiar axe attack but more up to date with excellent harmonies and James Marsh on vocals is on form here. He gives us some good old British screaming and the chorus hook is brilliant and will have you singing along. A live track if I have ever heard one. There is also an excellent guitar breakout.

Love Caught Me Out” closes off the EP in style. Another great riff and full of harmonic beauty. It reminded me of early Def Leppard back when they were good and before all that sickly, sugary pomp. The guitar work shines in this and it is just a brilliant song.

There is no getting away from the fact these guys know what they are doing and can write some killer songs so all that is left is for you is to go and buy it. Now for the old buggers like me out there who like to get their hands on physical goods this is a cracker, great artwork and the CD is in bright red and tracked like a slice of good old vinyl. All that and it costs a mere fiver, do yourself a favour and splash out on a slice of British rock. It is available from the bands Facebook/website and all the usual outlets.

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