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Ep Review- Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons

Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons

Ep Review- Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons

It certainly sounds as though life after Motörhead might well be very interesting for Mr Campbell. With his debut ep being released on the 18th of November we are allowed an insight into what he has been up to. He has got together with his sons Todd, Dane and Tyla along with singer Neil Starr and produced this 5 track ep that I have to say, right off the bat, lives up to every hope and expectation I had. It is ballsey rock n roll at its finest, hints of punk influences further add to the strutting, head held high music that is ‘Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons’. I am also glad to see the old connections being maintained with this release coming out on Motörhead Music.

Compared to the rawness of Motörhead, this is an altogether more refined production and that is the last comparison I will make as this project is very much it’s own entity. From the punky rock n roll of ‘Big Mouth’ to a much more metal sounding ‘Spiders’ there is a lot of ground covered in these five tracks. There are very memorable melodies, fantastic riffs and guitar work and a production quality to match, all perfect ingredients for a cracking record. ‘Take Aim’ really brings Aerosmith to mind with it’s expansive riffs and harmonies, while the opening acoustic riff of ‘Life in Space’ reminds me of some acoustic Zeppelin, as it turns into an outstanding acoustic chill out track. ‘No Turning Back’ really gives away Mr Campbells former gig but takes it to another level, with a depth that really amazed me.

From the first bar of the first track, I was sold…..there is an energy and life that really comes through in the music and is very infectious. This is top quality rock music made by professionals for your listening pleasure and I must say, you have to listen to it! They are on tour as I write this and I have heard extremely good reports on the live show also……..doesn’t get any better!

Reviewer- Simon Larkin

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