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JD aka ‘RELLED’ – Guest Reviewer

We all love to listen to a bit of the Blues every once in a while and when that urge comes a calling then look no further than grabbing a dose of Jack


J Hutchinson’s Boom Boom Brotherhood.

I had the pleasure of seeing them for the first time during the London Blues Festival at The 02 Arena 29/10/16 and I have to say they grabbed my attention right from off with Jack’s powerful fuzzy opening guitar riffs of “Wake Up” through to the closing number,a Jimmy Reed track “Shame Shame Shame”

The short set consisting mainly of JJH’s origionals to launch their latest EP recorded live at Leo’s Red Lion (Gravesend) was a good mix of straight up classic rock to more soulful Blues tunes. During the initial soundcheck there seemed to be a feed back problem with one of the amps but this was quickly resolved by switching to a replacement and didn’t effect the bands enthusiasm to showcase themselves to a very appreciative crowd that had
now assembled in front of the BB King Stage.

The rest of Boom Boom Brotherhood are made up of Rick Baxendale (Bass) Jim Brazendale (Drums) and on Harp all the way from New Jersey Tom Bundage. They had a lovely loose feel that let the Blues tunes flow nicely and are obviously a band that love what they are doing. But it’s Jack’s (origionally from Loughborogh & now a Camden Town resident) vocals and big guitar sound really set this band apart and he had plenty of banter between songs even taking the time to give away T Shirts. A short set but one which definately put us all in the mood for that nights headliner’s Bad Company….so off to the Bar we went to raise a glass to our new Blues heroes !

Thursday 10/11/16 Nothin’ But The Blues Bar Soho London

So having witness JJH’s BB full electric show I ventured out on a chilly November evening to London’s West End for another helping of the blues,this time a semi acoustic show in a Blues Bar small in size but huge in atmosphere.
The house band being Jack J Hutchinson (vox/acoustic guitar) Marc Burguera (guitar) & Tom Brundage (Harmonica)

This was my first visit to this venue and I can report that its the perfect spot to unwind with a couple of drinks after a long day at work and lose yourself in a little bit of Blues Heaven & these are the perfect trio to help you do just that. The band took to the small stage at 6.30pm for the first of their two sets, which mainly consisted of old school blues covers but we were also treated to some JJH originals one of which “I Got Your Number” was the first ever live airing which Marc handled brilliantly. A nice touch was when the guys paid tribute to Black Crowes keys man Eddie Harsch who had sadly recently passed away and they did a heartfelt rendition of a”Thorn In My Pride”
The bar now packed with a crowd that the band now had the attention of, each song was meet with big cheers & claps at the end as we all roared our approval.

If you ever want to experience some authentic Blues then I can highly recommend a night at “Ain’t Nothing But The Blues” and for those of us that have never had the good fortune of going to Beal Street in Downtown Memphis to see it done there first hand….well this is a good second best especially when Jack J Hutchinson and the guys are playing !

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