Phil Campbell & The Bastard Sons Audio Glasgow Sunday 6th November Nov10


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Phil Campbell & The Bastard Sons Audio Glasgow Sunday 6th November

Phil Campbell & The Bastard Sons Audio Glasgow Sunday 6th November One of the main issues when a band are fronted by a huge icon is that the other band members tend to get overlooked. Motorhead being a perfect example. Lemmy is god, no other way to describe him, when he left us he left a huge void never to filled. But look past Lemmy for a second and take into consideration the other two members of Motorhead. Along with Mikkey Dee, Phil Campbell played an integral part in the success that Motorhead enjoyed right up to the last moment. Much more than mere sidemen they gave Lemmy something to build on and Campbell in particular weighed in with a lion’s share of songwriting co-writes. A friend in America would enthuse about Campbell after every show he saw Motorhead, always choosing to position himself in front of the guitarist rather than Lemmy. He’d post online “Watch Phil, he does this, he does that, his playing is incredible” , the Welshman leaving his mark on gig goers worldwide. Fast forward and Phil Campbell’s All Star Band become Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons, himself his three sons and Neil Starr on vocals. It’s loud and brash, it’s raucous but above all it’s rock n roll, what else would you expect from him? The set opens with ‘Big Mouth’ from the debut EP due any day now, a song gritty enough to keep the motorheads, the punks and the old rockers happy. Less speedy than your average Motorhead song it still delivers a punch to the back of the head. Although the EP is not on sale at the merch stand, the songs aired from it all go down well. ‘Spiders’ is a stonking slab of Metal while ‘Take Aim’ has more of a classic rock feel to it. Campbell is content to sit back and let Starr do most of the talking, instead he peels off riff after riff and looks it make easy, son Todd shares the guitar duties and is more than capable of handling his own when he takes the solo’s. With just one EP recorded, most of the set is made up of covers. As you would expect, Campbell’s past with Motorhead is well represented with ‘Ace Of Spades’, ‘Born To Raise Hell’ and ‘Eat The Rich’ all impressing, but ‘Killed By Death’ is immense, as is ‘Silver Machine’. As Starr mentions, this year has sucked with the deaths of so many legends so a touching tribute of Bowie’s ‘Heroes’ seems fitting. There is a cracking moment when Campbell jokingly points out some ‘tossers’ in the crowd and one of them is William Regal of WWF fame, he takes it all in good jest and some good natured banter flows back and forth. A great nights entertainment from rock royalty and his offspring, catch this band live if you get the chance. You won’t regret it.


Phil Campbell & The Bastard Sons Audio Glasgow Sunday 6th November

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