Soil @ The Cathouse, Glasgow


Soil @ The Cathouse, Glasgow

It has been a while but Soil bring their massive 2016 European tour to Glasgow as the tour winds down. I know a few people were disappointed that the band Saliva pulled out but after seeing the three bands tonight that was left behind.

Unfortunately I missed most of Liberty Lies set tonight but what I did see was totally enthralling. They brought the brutality and kicked the party off in style. The room was already packed and they made the most of the time given and hopefully with the amount of gigs on this tour they will pick up a lot of new fans, I will definitely be keeping my eyes open for the.

When you look at the name Sons Of Texas as a band and you had not heard them you could make a seriously misjudged stab at their sound. Forget your cozy, porch based easy going blues tinged rock. This was the bands first visit to these shores and I am glad to say I was there to witness their chaos.

The band are only five years old and the members in their 20s but based on tonight’s live performance and the unbelievably awesome debut” Baptised In The Rio Grande” they are going to be huge. For me it is all about how a band perform live, I do not care how good your album is. I have been attending gigs for more than 35 years and it is the be all and end all. Good material will take you so far but you need to get a crowds blood pumping, heads banging and basically people need to lose their shit. Tonight all those boxes and more were ticked, ticked with a bloody lip and punch drunk stupor.

The band are proud of where they come from and they say back home if something is big be it sound, a car or your football team they have to be Texas sized and each and every track on that debut is most definitely that and more. I am more than happy to state they are the best thing I have seen come out of Texas since Pantera. That my friends is no throwaway comment, that is fact, these guys impressed me so much.

They were a whirlwind on that stage, Mark Morales is hung low over the monitor most of the night and Mike Villarreal is strutting his stuff like a badass Daniel LaRusso(bass on, bass off). I was desperate to see how songs like “Never Bury The Hatchet” and “Baptised In The Rio Grande” would go down live but I could not have expected it to be so good, so fucking heavy and brutalising.

Their set was definitely pushed to the heavier side due to the headliners they are appearing with, this was evident when the band ask do you want some Texas Blues or some Texas metal. It is a Soil gig and as much as I was screaming like an idiot for Blues I was drowned out and who cares when they pull out a blistering rendition of Pantera’s I’m Broken…a song dedicated to Dimebag. We also got a cracking version of Buckcherry’s “Slammin With The Lights Off”.

Tonight I witnessed one of the most electrifying performances of a support band this year. They are at home on that stage and they owned the crowd, now get your asses back over here for a headline tour as this short set was like one beer to an alcoholic…it didn’t touch the sides.

Little did I know on the way here tonight I wasn’t just going to a metal show but a comedy festival as well. I maybe should have got an inkling when I saw the best sign ever at a merch stand” Please talk slowly, I am American”.

As well as putting on a cracking show Soil (or to be fair the crowd) had me in stitches. Do not get me wrong it stated off with a bang as the band walked onto an almost pitch black stage and burst into “Wide open” a song that has not been aired live in a long time. It got the crowd rocking from the off and for a lot of people it made their night. It wasn’t until the song was over and Ryan McCombs informs us he had Haggis earlier that day. That got a cheer but it was the following statement that started everything off, “ After that I reckon I am ready for anything that you can throw at me Glasgow”…oh, oh, wrong move good sir, what happened next was a brutal barrage of abuse, swear words and seriously heavy Scottish dialect the best of which was “ I love nipples”. This seemed to perplex Ryan but the next volley of “ But just the right ones” broke him. He burst into laughter and a load of nipples chants flew around the room, yes, we had settled on tonight’s theme.

In between every song was some mention of that part of anatomy under all differing names and it took us an incredible amount of time to get from one song to the next, so much so that Adam Zadel gave up and just broke into the next song over the top of any talking. I always wondered how many gigs a band remembers but I am sure tonight’s will go down as a bit of Soil history.

Another surprise tonight was the inclusion of “Lesser Man” and “Give It Up”, two songs that were recorded whilst Ryan was absent from the band. This was another great choice and I wonder if this was due to the fact that they are touring with no new material, something that is very rare these days. Next year it will be four years since they have released anything and we are all hoping that this long tour turns into a long break with a whole heap of recording time.

Apart from the above surprises it is back to business for Soil and they ripped through some classics but it was the finale of “Halo” and a brilliant rendition of “Black Betty” that laid waste to this crowd.

This band are long in the tooth and purveyors of perfection on a stage, they do not need lights, gimmicks or backing tracks…they are old school rockers who as the saying goes….they came, they saw, they kicked our ass.

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