The Cadillac Three @ 02 ABC, Glasgow Nov11


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The Cadillac Three @ 02 ABC, Glasgow

Cad 3

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The Cadillac Three @ 02 ABC, Glasgow

It is a busy night for gigs in Glasgow with four other venues and bands vying for your cash. I was a bit worried about the attendance before the show due to this but I hadn’t thought through this cities love of a bit of Deep South. I got my first shot of The Cadillac Three last year and like an alcoholic I was back for more as were a lot of others.

Tyler Bryant and The Shakedown opened to an almost full venue last night at the ABC O2 in Glasgow. I had become familiar with their music as they had supported ZZ Top and more recently AC/DC on their US and European Tour.

From their opening track Week & Weeping they had the audience attention. Quite a challenge for a band almost unknown to the Scottish crowd. The 4 piece Nashville based Blues Rock-n Roll band had never played Glasgow before.

Tyler (vocals and lead guitar) is an accomplished musician having played guitar since he was 11 years old. In 2007,at the age of 16 Eric Clapton invited Tyler to play at Crossroads Guitar Festival.

He stands mid stage playing ‘Pinky ‘his battered Strat, looking like a young Peter Frampton. Like Frampton, this boy can play guitar! He doesn’t just stand he moves seductively with the Shell Pink vintage replica.

Other members are Caleb Crosby on drums, Graham Whitford (son of Aerosmith’s Brad Whitford) and Noah Denney on Bass. Noah and Caleb both sporting AC/DC t shirts were always going to get audience approval in Glasgow. These young guys are getting the attention from the audience and its due to their raw talent. They look and sound great. By the third song, a heavier number ’Stitch it Up’ from their latest EP, the audience were getting into it. Great riffs from Bryant and Whitford.

Devils Keep’ had the crowd singing along to this country rock number. They’re a happy atmosphere in the ABC. Good music and alcohol usually a good mix at a gig. It feels more like a weekend than a midweek night!

The Highlight of the set was the amazing Lipstick Wonder Woman, a song from the 2013 Wild Child album. Bryant playing slide guitar to this bitter sweet number captured the attention of the audience. Caleb Crosby stopped playing the drums moved forward and removed the tom-tom, setting it against the barrier and giving it a good old thrash. The front row folks sure never expected that one. Noah played tambourine along with bass and Graham played chikitas along with rhythm guitar during this number.

If the crowd were not won over before this by the sound of roars and applauds they sure were by the end of this number. ‘House that Jack Built’ was their closing number, a number from their 2011 album ‘From the Sandcastle’.

Tyler Bryant said they will return to Glasgow, let’s hope its sooner rather than later.

After that set The Cadillac Three were going to have to bring their A game but they are used to being pushed hard as last time round they brought the brilliant Whisky Myers(Who are touring later this year so do not miss them). All that said nothing seems to phase these guys, they stroll onto the stage in darkness, every one of them in baseball caps and holding tightly onto beer and a bottle of liquor. Now you would think being in the home of whisky they would adopt a local tipple but no…they stick to their bourbon.

As the guitars are being plugged in Neil Mason is standing proud on his drum riser jeeing up the audience(as if that is required, it may be a Thursday but the bars in here have not been quiet). He sits down once kelby and Jaren are ready and we burst into “Bury Me In My Boots” from the recent album of the same name. In an instant you are warm and happy, like pulling on a pair of comfortable old joggers after work(or a woman whipping off that bra as soon as she gets home….or so I am told).

With this band you know what you are going to get, pure entertainment from start to finish. There is not normally any surprises, it is as stripped down and basic as you can get but it is pure in its essence and awesome in its delivery.

There are a few songs tonight from the new album and for me one of those highlights was “ Soundtrack To A Six pack”, now women and gym bunnies calm down, this is about beer, not ripped bellies and to be fair you ladies got plenty of eye candy tonight, These Southern boys are as far away from the cliché, missing teeth homeboys as you can get. This song has a great southern rap at the start, it does have a hint of Kid Rock and it kicks like a mule.

Next up we go for another title track in Tennessee Mojo”, another barnstormer that gets the crowd in raptures and has them singing and clapping along. This band also pulled off what I would class as a Scottish miracle, after arguing with us about the pronouncement of the word Garage( I am sure the Americans only say it like that as it sounds kind of French(without having to go there), they manage to get a crowd of rampant Scots to sing “I’m Southern”, please do not underestimate the size of this task. That said I do not think the people realised the irony of this as we were too busy rocking our asses off.

The quality of songs in this set is outstanding with the likes of “Runnin’ Red lights”, Whisky Soaked Redemption” and the brilliant “Peace love and Dixie”. For me it is always the out of the ordinary that makes a gig memorable and the first moment like that tonight was when Jaren puts down the guitar and steps up to the drumkit, grabs a set of sticks and goes on to have a battle with Neil, a battle that saw me getting hit on the head with a busted stick as I was taking photos( don’t worry, I wont sue guys…I kept the stick though).

The next and possibly best part of the evening was the first song of the encore, not only was it a Tom petty cover of “Honey Bee” but it saw the boys from Shakedown take the stage once again. We are informed they are all old friends and it showed. Tyler done some more strutting and all in all this was just brilliant.

After that we are left with the always amazing “White Lightening”, which leads onto “The South” which really taps into the pride in every person in here. The brilliant thing about this song is each and every city/country that this is sung in grabs it for their own. These boys wear their pride of home on their sleeves but they are in a country that takes patriotism to a different level so when you hear this crowd screaming “ this is where I was born and this is where I will die” it is emotionally stoked and for me personally it tells a story of when I left Scotland thinking I would never return only to be here shouting these words at the top of my voice to three kick ass cowboys.

There are some bands you catch live every now and then and there is that rare thing, a band you will never miss when they tour, a band you will travel to see if they do not play your hometown and The Cadillac Three are the latter. If you have seen them before you know what I mean, if you haven’t don’t hang around…get some southern in you.

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