Colour of Noise  The Green Door Store, Brighton Dec08


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Colour of Noise The Green Door Store, Brighton


Review of Colour of Noise

The Green Door Store, Brighton

7th December ‘16

Ramblin’ Man in July this year was the first time I had seen Colour of Noise and while travelling to their home town of Brighton, I wondered if anything had changed in the last five months. The Green Door Store was yesterday’s venue, made up of two cobblestoned, arched rooms underneath the railway station.

Chatting to the lead singer, Matt Mitchell, at the venue before the show he mentioned that the line-up had changed slightly, but that the sound remained the same, and he was right. With Bruce John Dickinson on lead guitar and Ben Daniels on bass, the hard-hitting, punchy sound that is the bands trademark classic rock is still there and it was evident that the three are perfectly at ease with the style.

The set started with ‘You Only Call Me’ and carried on from there at a constant level –unapologetically loud- much to the delight of the packed house. The came the current single ‘Medicine Man’ an up-tempo track with a catchy chorus line, followed by a number of other tracks from their debut album including ‘Can You Hear Me’ and ‘Can’t Take It With You’. And the best thing is, true to their word, there was not a single ballad!

Now on a three gig tour taking in Manchester, Edinburgh and Sheffield, if you like your rock hard and loud, go see ‘em!

There were two support acts, the first being Mike Ross, another Brighton resident whose guitar driven blues songs were reminiscent of the early ‘70’s groups such as the original Fleetwood Mac and others of the same ilk. Both soulful and tuneful at the same time, his songs, although delivered this time without his band, made a great opener for the evening.

The other band, The Vanguards, is a four piece from Croydon whose bluegrass songs –especially a number called ‘Bamboozled’ caused a certain amount of rhythmic swaying and foot tapping in the audience in time with the music.

A thoroughly enjoyable experience and three good acts in one evening, what’s not to like?

Mick Dyer

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