“Devilment The Slade Rooms in Wolverhampton Dec16


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“Devilment The Slade Rooms in Wolverhampton

I arrived at The Slade Rooms in Wolverhampton after battling some fairly heavy rain to find “She Must Burn,” finishing off their sound check which apart from some technical hitches with feeds and mics was already sounding pretty good. Joe, the lead singer came over and chatted to me about photography, and about the hopes of it being a good night. He struck me as being a quite powerful figure, and imagined his stage charisma very strong.

Checking my watch I realised it wouldn’t be too long before play commenced, with “She Must Burn,” as touring support for “Devilment,” and a surprising two other bands on this evening, I knew this would be a good night.
One of those other bands, “Singing Towards Disaster,” were playing their very last set before the break up as band members followed other projects or/and went off to university.

The doors opened and the crowd filtered in. Not a huge crowd but some dedicated followers of at least one of the bands on this evening so they had braved the weather with purpose.

“Singing Towards Disaster,” played songs from their short five track set included Jimmy and the recently written “Leech.” Possibly the most interesting end to a set I’ve ever experienced though, as they gave a nod to the headline act after playing “Leech”…and then left the stage. There were some quite tangible nerves or stress on stage, I’m not sure if the crowd picked up on it and I don’t know if it added to the bizarre end of performance. As I said, their last ever performance but, bands have come back from a break-up before, so you never know.

Other bands on the evening’s line-up are “Slaughter Horse,” and the fore mentioned, “She Must Burn.”

“Slaughter Horse,” came on stage; firstly the two guitarists and drummer. I knew this was going to be a different performance as the three were heavy in make-up and obviously in role. Then the lead singer Jim Chilton took to the stage in a cape and the mask of a crow’s head. Checking their website, they describe themselves as “A powerful creature of Beauty and Bile. Majesty and Malevolence. Honor and Hatred. Expressed through compositions carefully thought out to warp the sane and tame the twisted. Relentless power through music.” I’d say they got that absolutely right. Powerful performance from this band, with Jim announcing before the start of one track, “I am not afraid to die, I was dead a billion years ago and it never bothered me in the slightest!” One of those really quite prolific statements I wish I had thought of (and you probably will be doing so as well).

Along with Jon Aymes (Drums), Craig Keating (Guitar/vocals) and Rob Greenfield (Bass), “Slaughter Horse” performed a quite amazing set including a definitely epic track, “Olympus Will Fall.”

When “She Must Burn,” came on stage, there seemed to be some technical difficulties still. This resulted in a slight delay in their set but with those out of the way, they took up a commanding position on the stage and never let go. Lead vocalist Joe Sinclair leading this cast of five very strong musicians; Aimy Miller with her hair in dread-locks looked amazing and on guitars Jonny Davies, Frankie Keating and Daniel Ristic on drums, brought the sound of London’s dark metal scene up north. Joe made the crowd which had now swelled a bit more up to the front and really

got them involved, something which I think they really appreciated. With over 10,000 Facebook likes, it’s easy to see this band are going to be considerably bigger than they are now, and they’ve planted seeds of appreciation amongst The Wolverhampton regulars, performing tracks such as, “Possessed,” and “Eclipsed.” “She Must Burn” zig-zag the country, heading up to Leeds, then Reading and Southampton before embarking on a North American tour with more dates than you can throw a stick at.

A great band to see if you’re lucky enough to grab some tickets don’t miss out!

There’s always something about a main act, about their presence; about the way the music sounds…well…different. Filling the stage individually to the sound of classical music came “Devilment.” The way they entered, and took positions standing almost motionless and comfortable showed their courage and commitment

In short, they were nothing short of brilliant. Dani Filth – lead singer had his customary contacts in and some quite brilliant make-up. Starting the set with “Judas Stein,” through the brilliant “Hitchcock Blonde,” “Hell at My Back,” and a track which Dani said really was a representation of everything he was going through at the moment, “Sanity Hit’s a Perfect Zero.” I think a lot of people could share the sentiment of this track, such a year it has been. Lauren Francis provided some haunting back in vocals as well as lead vocals on the track “Full Dark, No Stars,” with some great finger-work on guitars from Colin Parks, Dan Finch, Nick Johnson on Bass and Aaron Boast on percussion.

The “Devilment” “Nuclear Blast UK Tour,” ends 19th December.

Review and photos by  Paul Lawrence

The Slade Rooms In Wolverhampton

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