Rise Up Tour @ The Garage, Glasgow


Rise Up Tour @ The Garage, Glasgow

Well this was a tasty bill from the off and hats off to Rise Up Records for putting it together. Although this was a cracking night I do have to put my gripes down before I get to the good stuff. I truly believe these types of bills are the way forward for rock and metal in the future, earlier this week I saw the Alterbridge tour which also had a four band line up but there are a couple of issues with this. The first is you either need to juggle with bands stage times or you need to start early.

For both this and Alterbridge they went for the longer set times and starting early and although this is great to give the smaller bands a decent length of time to play it also means a lot of people are just not going to get to see them. Tonight was a perfect example of this as it was announced on the day that due to the venues curfew that doors were opening at 5.30PM. I am sorry but this is ridiculous. Although tonight may be for a younger audience not everyone can make these times at such short notice and I was one and completely missed Like Moths to Flames. Going by the size of the crowd when I did get there I was not the only one who missed out so that is just not showcasing new talent.

My second issue with these is not down to the bands or the organisers but the fans. Far too many people came for one specific band and once they had played they left. I get that you go to a gig for a certain band but it is a night out, very few people are on their own so stay and have a good time and enjoy the show. It may also be to do with the prices of drinks at the venue but these problems need ironed out to ensure people attend and stay the duration.

OK, now I have got that off my chest I will get straight onto the band that signed me up for tonight the moment I saw their name…Silverstein. It has been 11 years since they played this city so I was not going to miss them. They kicked everything off with style as they burst into “Stand Amid The Roar” and my night was already made. I have loved this band for a long time and 11 years is just not acceptable. I hope the crowds appreciation did not go unnoticed and they get their asses back over hear for a headline tour.

We jumped straight into “Your Sword Vs My Dagger” and Shane Told is on fire, his swaying vocals jumping from harmonic to gutteral was what got me into these guys. They done it so well and made the whole thing brand new back when they started. Although these Canadians have been in the business now for 16 years everything is fresh and on stage they are a frantic mess of bodies and energy.

For someone who hasn’t seen them live for so long nearly all the tracks are new to me in the live environment so it is like Christmas with every song, “Massachusetts”, “In The Dark” and “Smashed Into Pieces” blew me away but to be fair after such a long time between gigs I would have been happy had they just stood there and farted into trumpets.

The standout new track for me was the slowed down “Ghost” it sounded brilliant and it went down well with the crowd but it was the finishers “Smile In Your Sleep” and “My Heroine” that knocked it out of the park. The latter was sublime and all too soon their set was done. Please come back soon guys.

The Devil Wears Prada were a new experience for me live and experience has to be the word to note here. I was also doing photographs tonight and I was sat front of stage when I get a tap behind me from the audience and it is Mike Hranica standing there and asking me to pass him the mic. I was a bit stunned to say the least but as the band kicked in Mike had carved out a rectangle in the crowd(see the photos) and decided he was going to basically kick this whole thing off in truly violent style. He was not waiting for a crowd to warm to them, oh no, he was going to incite merry hell on the punters directly.

As the band broke into “Planet A” I decided I would run up the stairs and watch this from the better vantage point of the Garage’s balcony, a seriously good idea as I got to see firsthand the chaos that ensued. As I watched this mosh pit that lasted for their whole set I was in awe at the man himself and his durability. He was knocked from all sides whilst screaming along with the songs. It also got me to thinking on the whole phsycology of the mosh pit. I watched people ram with all the force they could muster yet if someone falls they are picked up instantly with a smile on your face and a pat on the back. It kind of reminds me of when the city of Glasgow was awarded the monikers of most dangerous city and the friendliest city in the same year. Our comedian Kevin Bridges once said that we will stab you but we will also give you directions to the hospital…a perfect summation of a moshpit.

It is a funny old thing is the mosh pit and a place where the larger( I cannot say fat as its not PC you know) kids rule. I wonder if this is full of venom and hate at a society that picks them last for sports and where they are ridiculed. I think there has to be some serious study into this area and its relation to society.

Ok, enough of that and lets get back to the music and this band not only brought the brutality to the crowd via the mosh pit but via the sound. They came at you like a four manned wrecking ball. It was easy to see that a large part of the crowd were here for this band alone and their sheer energy on stage(and off) would get anyone tingling. They tore through numbers like The Hulk with a sledgehammer.

They hit us with “Outnumbered”, Born To Lose”, Supernova” and “Asteroid” and just like those last two tracks this band are a force of nature, spiralling through their set and taking your sweat, blood and eardrums with them. They finished on “Danger: Wildman” which really should be the opener and a warning.

This was an amazing and entertaining set and I would thoroughly recommend going to see this band as you will not be bored that is for sure.

Headliners Memphis May fire may have lost some punters before they started but these Texans were not going to let deter them as they burst into “Carry On”. The mosh pit kicked off once more and it stayed for the rest of the night. “Prove Me Right” was next up…the drums kicked in and the melodic decays into gutteral screams and the crowd just click up the crazy a few more notches.

This band is 10 years old now and the way they command an audience shows every bead of sweat, crappy venue and all the festivals they have played. They are masters of their art and although this is a short set( and the whole night is wrapped up before 10PM) it is packed with all the favourites.

As expected we get some tracks of the latest album “Unconditional” which was a massive hit in the States and rightly so. For me the special moment was the intro to “Miles Away” which we were informed was written about being on tour and away from your loved ones. It broke the sway of aggression that had been building but before long it was back to 100% metal and blistering enjoyment.

This band delivered tonight and they are an experience to see live. Do not miss out on seeing them if you have not witnessed them before.

Images and review Ritchie Birnie






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