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Love these bills where you’ve seen one band recently, seen one band a long time ago, one at a festival and the other one is a new world to discover. It’s becoming more common for these multi-band bills and sometimes it a bit of a lottery but tonight everyone was a winner.

First up was ThirteenBlack who are a five piece band from Adelaide who play a stoner metal, or sludge metal if you are in the U.S of A, with a hint of doom. I had first seen these guys play at a multi-band bill where we managed to check out seventeen bands in a day. The thing that I admired on that day, apart from the power of the drone, was the amplification. It takes you back to a day where the amps were pushed front of stage and when the bass sung you got a centre parting in your hair from the air trying to get out of the way. Tonight I was outside and about eighty metres from the venue having a chat when the seismic activity alerted me to the fact that they were on stage. This music is ponderous, starts with feedback, ends in feedback and just delivers all the way through. Being a huge fan of The Sword and Black Tusk I find this easy music to like. It’s worth your while checking ThirteenBlack out, because while I did I learned that there’s a new release on the way and that Simmo used to play in Superheist. Small world, eh! A strong crowd got amongst it and I really hope they get behind the band when they get the new tracks out.

Next up was Ice on Mercury who I had managed to miss on many occasions through being somewhere else at the last minute. The last time was when they supported reverb Zakk and the Black Label Society. Tonight their high energy performance blew me away, they were immense, just spot on with stage presence, sound and song choice. On the night they released a new EP for their home audience, which you can find here, and we will be reviewing it as they were superb on the night. Finishing the night with RATM ditty called Killing in the Name of, the place went crazy and as they left the stage the audience turned as one to the bar to re-hydrate buzzing about what they had just seen. So that’s two bands and both utterly different. The joys of multi-band bills.

Two bands down and Earth Caller have the task of getting the crowd back from the bar and hyping them for Superheist. I had seen them at Unify and they have won the crowd over on the day. They came on stage tonight and cranked it out but the audience were still a bit distracted from what they had seen and were intent pre-loading at the bar before the headliner hit the stage. It was a strong set and they hammered it out but it may have been to their advantage to have come on before Ice on Mercury. Seeing these guys before I knew they would perform but it was a tough night for them in rAdelaide and those that were at the stage enjoyed what they saw.

Now it’s time for the six piece that is the rejuvenated Superheist. Tasting success from the late nineties this band had many, many changes – almost to Spinal Tap levels for the bass spot. New front man Ezekiel Ox comes with a reputation for theatrics and the crowd has sauntered back from the bar ready to rock some two and a half hours since ThirteenBlack had first hit the stage. Superheist came on like an express train and from the beginning the Ox was on the barrier screaming for more. The spray of beer tells me that the crowd has gone up and Superheist hit their stride. Ezekiel Ox is an enigmatic performer who can sing, likes a chat, likes a preach and likes the theatre of the gig. Normally when a band tell us about their take on the world I tend to switch off but the Ox was spot on, one of the crowd, and it’s not often you see security giving you a round of applause.

A few songs in and the Ox decides that it’s easier to perform while in the crowd. A couple of songs on he jogs to the bar, finds a barrel that’s being used as a table, rolls it to the middle of the crowd, climbs on and gets on with the gig. Half the crowd are watching the band on stage whacking it out at a face melting pace while there is a circle of the crowd watching the Ox perform. First time I’ve been to a gig with a stage and an in the round performance. Who had the new album – everyone! Who knew the words – everyone! It was that sort of night and that sort of crowd.

This is the band that had turned their back on the industry in about 2004 and here we have the ‘Don’t call it a comeback’ tour and it’s like they haven’t been away. Even with a few new faces it was like mates coming over to visit, but in this case its mates with a shitload of amps. Nice to see Simmo of ThirteenBlack reunite with the posse.

Superheist were born from Nu-metal which is a music type that normally has me reaching for my shooting iron. This band has gone through a revolving door of members and musical styles but the new album is superb (you can find the review here) and this better be a comeback. The Ox is the perfect front man and takes this band in all new directions. Hopefully it’s not another thirteen years before we see them again!


  1. The Fight Back
  2. Bullet
  3. Hands Up High
  4. Back to Base
  5. Fearing Nothing
  6. Running Away
  7. Crank The System
  8. Have Your Way
  9. The Deepend
  10. Sweat, Swing
  11. Liberate
  12. Step Back
  13. Two Faced (Check Your Head Up)
  14. Wolves In Your Headspace
  15. This Truth
  16. Flick The Switch
  17. Pulse

Review – Craig Grant




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