The   Wildhearts – The Riverside, Newcastle 15.12.2016 Dec17


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The Wildhearts – The Riverside, Newcastle 15.12.2016


The Wildhearts – The Riverside, Newcastle 15.12.2016

I have never been to the Riverside before and it is a lovely compact venue with very good acoustics and a decent lighting set up so my initial thoughts were very positive.

Now my history with The Wildhearts is minimal, I did however see them at Download Festival this year and although I missed most of the set I did manage to catch the last 3 or so songs and I thought to myself, these guys are good and it annoyed me as I had missed them. So, with the aid of YouTube etc. I set about doing some research and found myself listening to what must be the entire list available. Six months pass and I go to see them in a much smaller venue and realise my initial thoughts about them were not quite right, these guys aren’t just good, they are absolutely brilliant and it is a shame that as I write I know this is unlikely to make print in time for you to read it and get yourself along to the next gig as they are only doing 5 dates on this mini tour and Friday is day 3. However with that in mind, stick these thoughts in your brain and make sure you check their website for future dates and get yourself a ticket, you will thank yourself you did.

Opening up with ‘Sick of Drugs’ and rolling nicely into the very punchy ‘Vanilla Radio’ and onto a song I never get sick of hearing from Earth Vs The Wildhearts ‘TV Tan’ all in all a pretty good trio of songs to set the tempo and mood. Nice to hear them play a few tracks from this album over the course of the night.

Being right at the front in the photographer’s pit I found myself sandwiched between the band and a very vocal following who sang along with every one of the 20 strong set. It was a superb atmosphere. Ginger introduced ‘Caffeine Bomb’ as a favourite of his and a very enjoyable video to make as he got to vomit in CJ’s face, if you never seen it, watch the video on YouTube it is rather funny especially with Ginger doing his best Marty Feldman impersonation.

Into more classics with Everlone; Red Light, Green Light, Mazel Tov Cocktail; Someone who won’t let me go and Nothing ever changes (But the Shoes).

There wasn’t the usual ‘Encore’ where the guys go off and stand to one side while the crowd chants their name and they reappear. The stage had to be rearranged a bit as they were going to be joined for the 6 track encore by Danny McCormack their former bass player who was on crutches but seated, as he played through ’Overkill’ ‘Sucker Punch’, ‘My baby is a head fuck’ and one that was written for the people of the area ‘Geordie in Wonderland’ finally finishing with ‘I wanna Go’ and ’29 x the Pain’.

The atmosphere was like the best party in the world with a group of lads having a jamming session who had invited all their mates around for a beer and a laugh. This is how bands should treat their fans. It wasn’t just the crowd having a ball you could sense, see and feel it from the band especially when Danny came on, it was brilliant to see.

Even at the end and after the band had gone off, the lights are on and the stage was being cleared. The room was emptying but there were still groups of people dancing around, singing Wildheart songs between themselves and making their own entertainment, obviously not wanting the party to end.

Thank you guys, that was absolutely %$**!&% brilliant. For a 2nd opinion I took along my 19yr old son who had never heard of you and missed this year’s Download Festival due to college exams, so he was going there on my recommendation, so now you have another fan, he loved it too.

Ginger did hint at the end that maybe 2017 may see the birth of a new album, so let’s hope so and a longer tour to promote it. There is also a rumour that these guys are on the wanted list for Bloodstock 2017 they would make great headliners, they deserve more big stage shows so come on @bloodstockVicky make it happen please.

I am just gutted that they didn’t play ‘Top of the world’ I love that song but their catalogue is quite extensive so obviously they can’t play everything. Take note guys….next time!!

Full set list:-sick of Drugs; Vanilla Radio; TV Tan; Nita Nitro; Caffeine Bomb, Everlone; Red Light, Green Light, Mazel Tov Cocktail; Someone who won’t let me go; Nothing ever changes (But the Shoes); The Revolution will be televised; Stormy in the North, Karma in the South; Weekend (5 long says); Love you till I don’t; Overkill ; Sucker Punch; My baby is a head fuck; Geordie in Wonderland; I wanna go where the people go ; 29 x the Pain.

Review and Photos taken by Tony Burgum


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