Silver Dust – Homecoming at Le Royal, Tavannes CH Jan20


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Silver Dust – Homecoming at Le Royal, Tavannes CH


Silver Dust – Homecoming at Le Royal, Tavannes CH

This was the first time I hSD18ad seen the full show from Silver Dust with complete theatrics – as it was cut down so much for the European tour with Lordi – so it seems only fitting to go to their home country of Switzerland to see the whole she-bang. And it could not have been more perfect.

During the tour with Lordi, Silver Dust immediately caught my attention – along with many other peoples’ attention too. Even with their abridged theatrical show, they were still able to blow the doors and roofs off of each venue they attended in the UK, every show I was present at.

The band’s charismatic front man Lord Campbell consistently had no trouble with controlling, enthralling and entertaining the rabid audiences – the whole band in their Victorian costumes a pure delight to watch on stage. It is no easy task to order the entire crowd into a crouch during The Age of Decadence, but for Lord Campbell; it is effortless – and extremely humbling to see.

So with that said, I headed to Le Royal in Tavannes, Switzerland with high hopes – and it lived up to all my expectations. The venue itself is a quaint old cinema, with a fairly decent floor capacity and a balcony with seating too – which filled up quite quickly – and tonight this show was sold out for Silver Dust’s return to Switzerland since their grand European tour with the monster rockers Lordi.

With the inventory from their two albums – ‘Lost in Time’ and ‘The Age of Decadence’ – they put on a striking live show; starting with the French-language Welcome, which is fitting for the band who come from the French region of Jura in Switzerland. It is a thunderous song, firing the audience straight into the theatrical spectacle that is Silver Dust; Lord Campbell’s voice ranging between higher pitched vocals to bellowing roars, as he stomps around the stage and uses an array of props to entice us further into the show. Next is the beautiful So Let Me Now, with some mesmerizing guitar work and a haunting solo section where Lord Campbell, guitarist Tiny Pistol and bassist Kurghan all stand together to serenade the crowd.

Heaven Knows is from the second album and it is a hard-hitting emotional track that Silver Dust have recently compiled a tour memoir video for, with Tiny and Kurghan pirouetting across the stage as Lord Campbell hits the high notes once again. It is another great track from them and it is always a sure-fire crowd pleaser. ‘The Age of Decadence’s title track is another one to please, with a chunky riff as the guitarists mosh in synchronicity, creating a feast for the eyes as the song rumbles on. This is when Lord C demands everyone to get down for Silver Dust, and the crowd happily oblige (including myself in my skyscraper New Rocks), before leaping back into the air on his command.

My personal favourite song My Heart is My Savior never fails to disappoint – not in all the eight times I have seen the band now; with Lord Campbell making the audience participate by asking them to show their hearts made with their fingers and demonstrates dutifully. It truly is a beautiful song with hypnotic lyrics and mesmerising vocals from the Lord.

The piece that comes next is another chance for Lord Campbell to shine, as a spectre comes onto stage and controls him with a music box, driving him to his knees. The spectre then disappears, and moments later appears as an organist on screen and challenges Lord C to a modern spin of Toccata and Fugue in D Minor by J.S. Bach. What follows is a mind-blowing showcase of guitar skills by Lord Campbell as he weaves his way intricately up and down the blue backlit fret-board, even sliding a few notes with his tongue at one point – a great moment captured by Stephane Harnisch, SD’s resident ‘tog. It is clear in this and many of his other solos that he is strongly influenced by Steve Vai and Joe Satriani, even using the same Ibanez guitar model as Vai.

Another amazing couple of tracks which really added to the live show were Morte SD11D’Aimer, another French-language song, and Forgive Me, an acoustic duet with Lord C and the beautiful Carlyn Monnin. Morte D’Aimer has a amazing stage show that lets the story unravel; with the Dame Blanche and her beau separated by Lord Campbell as he turns the Dame into the walking dead and dispatches the beau. It is another powerful emotive song, and it is a joy to watch being performed live on stage.

We hear a track from the debut album ‘Lost In Time’, Call The Nation, before the rest of the set list is constructed of solos and material from the second album such as Mr Killjoy’s jaw-dropping drum solo, Shame on You, Now We Request, and Princesse de ma Chair which are all delightful to see performed also.

Silver Dust truly are a phenomenal band, both to listen to their studio albums and to also see them live. Throughout the show, the crowd are enthralled and interacted with by the whole band all the time; and it is a joy to watch such a relatively unknown band garner such incredible respect and support from their fans. They are extremely kind, down-to-earth guys to meet too, and are handling their recent surge in popularity with decorum – the only way these Swiss gentlemen know how.

The CDs and vinyl are only available from the Silver Dust website, but both albums are on Spotify and iTunes Store for you to check out. I understand that they are also working on another tour, with the UK once again in their sights – though Switzerland, France and Italy are already lined up with SilverSD12 Dust dates and there is also talk of a new album out in 2018 (mentioned in a recent interview for Swiss radio). Their website is, created by my great friend Fabienne Roth.

I wholeheartedly affirm that you should check out this up and coming band, and catch ’em at a tour date soon before they get too hot too handle.

Niki Flynn

Thank you once again to Silver Dust, their crew and families for an awesome show and a highly memorable weekend.




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