Single By Sunday/ Miami Monroe/ Altered Sky @ 02 ABC Glasgow Jan20


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Single By Sunday/ Miami Monroe/ Altered Sky @ 02 ABC Glasgow


Single By Sunday/ Miami Monroe/ Altered Sky @ 02 ABC Glasgow

Well it is first gig of the year time and if you like your Pop/Punk there is no better place to be than Glasgow. This is a showcase for Scottish bands all on the one stage and it drew in old and young alike.

First up were Altered Sky who finished the year off in style with an amazing headliner set at the nearby Garage. It Was a fitting end to a brilliant year for the band who are turning heads and finally getting some breaks.

The band brought a huge number of their own fans tonight who just wanted to see them irrespective of the length of their set being third from last on. The lights went down, the band took their places and as the strobes kicked in along with Amy Blair knocking seven bells out of her kit to introduce her friend and front woman Ana Nowosielska( AKA The Pocket Dynamite) to the stage in her steampunk raven mask. From here the two ladies treated the fans to some serious drumming before bursting into the song “This War Is Mine” and for me one of the bands strongest tracks.

For a lot of the fans here tonight this set was about one thing and one thing only….what is the new girl like? At the tail end of 2016 the band said farewell to long term member and guitarist Richard Passe. For me it was very strange to look onto that stage and not see the man I have watched many times over the last couple of years but I have to accept that this is the right choice for the band so how did Tara Behan get on as a replacement? There was no doubt this Irish lady knows her way around the fretboard and the songs sounded crisp, spot on and she slotted well on the stage with the rest of the guys. For me she may have been a little quiet and skulking in the shadows but I am sure this was all to do with tonight’s show being her first ever Live electric performance with the band. You done well kid, take a bow and get yourself front and centre.

The guys were reduced to just six songs tonight but each and every one was top class and saw the inclusion again of fan Favourite “Titanium”, an absolutely blinding cover. We were also treated to old favourites “Bury It All”, “Livewire” and they rounded it off on the spectacular “Stupid In The Dark”. For me this band goes from strength to strength and rumour has it they are beavering away madly for the follow up to their debut “ Without Wonderland”. Add this to their more intimate tour recently announced and we could see Altered Sky kick on in 2017. I sure as hell hope so.

Next tonight was Miami Monroe who for me are a far more straight forward punk band. They hark back to the rejuvenated punk of the 90s with a good old dollop of the original scene. They are another local band with another good following.

There is no messing about with this five piece and they get stuck in from the off and feed from the audience reaction. Their no frills Punk rock will have you thinking of Green Day and You, Me At Six and the songs are just as good. The only drawback they have is the lack of material which they are currently working on to remedy.

I thoroughly recommend this band as their effort and live presence is inspiring and their energy would charge a whole house of mobile phones…these guys are the real deal.

Headliners Single By Sunday are well known in this town, partly for their pretty boy looks and partly for the distinctive hair colours they sport…pick your favourite colour and it is probably adorned atop one of the boys heads.

The band veer more towards the Pop than Punk but they are damned good at what they do. You just have to look at the audience participation, amount of banners and some serious dancing from the kids right up to the mothers(although they were hiding away at the bar).

Single By Sunday

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