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Anchor Lane – New Beginning

Anchor Lane – New Beginning

So Rock world I give you Anchor Lane, a young and highly talented three piece from Glasgow. New Beginning is classed as their debut(although it isn’t really) but let’s take it at its merits and treat it as such.

I have been avidly awaiting this release since I saw the band do a support slot last year. Myself and many others were a bit gobsmacked when we saw them play. I do a lot of gigs in Glasgow and these guys had slipped under the radar even though they had only been together a year. That night they outplayed their youth and the length of time together by a long way.

For that reason alone this release had to step up to the mark they had set that night and I am delighted to say this was no fluke. We may only have four songs but boy have they crammed in some corkers. The EP kicks off with “Finished For Twelve” and my god just listen to the groove on that intro. It was born in the deep south and it bites like an alligators jaws. It is Black Stone Cherry at their best. The song is all about the life of a band and rock life in general. It is real upbeat number with how everything Rock’N’Roll should be, ie a celebration. It may be completely different in sound but it reminded me of Saxon’s “Denim And Leather”. That song took me back to my early days of buying music, going to gigs and everything I loved about the music scene and this song grabs that good time vibe by the balls and just rocks the hell out. This is one hell of a song!

Next up is “ Annie” and the riffs keep coming hard and fast. This one is a bit more in for the jugular and has a determined rat a tat riff throughout. It has a cracking chorus that I will be singing loudly(and very badly) the next time I see them live. “Cog In The Wheel” is an older number that has been salvaged from their live session CD and rightly so as it was one of the really memorable songs live. With its opening Whoah chants it kicks into a dirty, greasy, slithering beast. Vocalist/Guitarist Conor Gaffney has a blast on this one. He obviously knows this song well and revels in it, favourite number two right there.

The whole thing wraps up with the song” Twenty Sixteen” which is a tribute to the fallen heroes of last year. It crackles to life with a scratchy vinyl sound and then has a blistering run on the fretboard. It settles into a machine gun chug in the background as Conor takes centre stage and goes for broke. This is top notch melodic rock at its best and a fitting tribute to the likes of Lemmy and Bowie. At one part we get the lyric “ who will be fit to stand where they once stood?” and I know this is very early but if this band can produce top quality material like this they are well on the way to becoming a household name.

The boys are racking up some excellent support slots and also have an EP release gig coming up so if your are in Glasgow make sure you catch them, if not make sure you buy this EP which goes on rsale 10th February from all the usual stockists or the bands facebook/website. Well done guys, you have done yourself proud and I will see you live shortly.

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