Cerebral scar gig at the king billy rock bar in Northampton Jan28


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Cerebral scar gig at the king billy rock bar in Northampton

Cerebral scar gig at the king billy rock bar in Northampton.
This is the busiest I’ve seen the king billy, and Friday night, end of the month, it should be. On the bill tonight, a launch party for Northampton band Cerebral Scar, who are joined by Haema and Iron Grave.
The lighting in The King Billy is challenging, and the stage is tucked away into a corner. Indeed this is the second time I’ve photographed here. The rumours of a new improved stage and lighting are yet to come to fruition. That said, the following here is loyal and the punters really enjoy this venue where many perform, so I fiddle around with the camera settings, and carry on.
Still, at around 9 Iron Grave hit the stage. A nice bunch of guys based in Northampton. Simon the lead singer is expecting his first he told me, and after struggling to get together as a band (the former drummer working a 7 day a week job in Birmingham as a tattoo artist being replaced by a new drummer from Kettering just up the road), “we’ll be together for a couple of weeks then might have to go on hold again.” Hopefully not, as they were excellent. Playing tracks from their from new EP “Conquering of The Dragonhammer,” they performed new tracks “Crushed Beneath The Dragonhammer,” and “Up on The Alter,” as well as “Rise,” “Giants,” and “Wizards,” from their back catalogue. They’re hoping to perform more in the future; the get my seal of approval and hope to see them soon.

With some really interesting synth, Haema hit the stage. A truly international band this, with American born lead vocalist Jordan, a Polish bassist and drummer from…Milton Keynes. A great local band who are certain to go on to bigger and better things, as they are currently on the festival circuit, at the moment discussing several dates for this year to be announced. The band consist of Jordon Calderwood on vocals, Andrzej Jakubiuk playing guitar, Scott Stephenson on bass and David Flitt on percussion. Theyíre a couple of years in the making, having played in both Poland and The UK. Described as experimental sample infused industrialised with a nu-metal sheen, thatís a pretty good description. The first track they played, ironically called, ìIntro,î really did stop everyone and make them listen. Iíve never heard anything like it, and for the second time in as many days Iím extremely glad that I got up, got out and experienced something I would never have come across had I stayed at home and watched the telly. Tracks performed included ìGabriel,î ìFalse Prophet,î and ìEmpires Fall.î At the end of a track called ìEden,î I decided to sit back and enjoy this band a little, and allow the crowd to really get into them too. Great band, Iíll look out for them. If you are going to this yearís ìDownload,î make a point of seeing them there, miss them and youíll be the one who misses out!

Now.. there are times when you really need a mosh pit or bigger stage. As soon as Cerebral Scar started their performance, I realised this was going to be one of those times, as the very small space between the ìstage,î and crowd was completely used up by Mark, lead vocalist in the band. Heís a big fella, and nearly inadvertently took me down by I managed to find spaces in-between tracks to cower in!
Cerebral Scar are a refreshingly energetic band, and that energy flows very nicely indeed from the finger-tip to the floor and on to the many punters who have turned up on this rather wet evening to see them. Their genre is ìhard core skate punk/thrash/anything you can bang into!î Iíd sayÖ. Thatís completely correct!
The King Billy is now packed and itís difficult to move about. Behind Mark, the Leah, Rhys and Ross are joined by James Redden on drums, who has stepped in to help the band out. Having only had six weeks to prepare himself for tonight, heís done a great job, and receives a richly deserved nod from the band, and crowd. Itís hot back there, and James has had to remove his t-shirt. He means business!
The Northampton based band, performed songs from their forthcoming EP ìRide The Quarrel.î Sound advice!!!
Their performance included tracks which started with ìFinal Solution,î Pessimistic Reg,î and ìHate Is,î ending with ìTo Hide Behind,î before going back to and performing ìThrashbackî (I think) for the second time around, for good measure.
Excellent performance, from a brilliant band. Northampton has some excellent talent, Iím glad I got to see some of it this evening. Top night.


Cerebral Scar Gig At The King Billy Rock Bar In Northampton

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