Glenn Hughes/ Stone Broken @ The Garage Glasgow Jan29


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Glenn Hughes/ Stone Broken @ The Garage Glasgow

Glenn Hughes/ Stone Broken @ The Garage Glasgow

It is a huge night in Glasgow for gigs, there are 4 top class acts playing with probably the biggest the farewell from Black Sabbath. That was always going to hit numbers tonight especially as this was the rescheduled gig from last year. Tonight was a matter of allegiances for me, I have done many Sabbath gigs and I was one of those idiots who went to the last farewell tour. No, this was an easy choice, Glenn always performs at the top of his game and with a support as good as Stone Broken there was no question where I would end up.

Are there still people out there who do not know how fucking fantastic Stone Broken are? If there is where are you all hiding? I have to wonder if your heads are placed up a certain orifice as this band are quickly becoming one of the best live bands on the circuit. I have not missed one show they have played in Scotland and I do not aim too. They are that good.

This band are really kicking up dust at the moment. They are getting note from all the important sources, doing the top festivals and travelling the length and breadth of this country and that hard work is really paying off.

As the band stroll onto the stage in their nonchalant way you could be fooled into thinking these are just punters who sneaked onto the stage. This band is not about the rock star looks, the showing off, no, they get right down to it with opening number “Stay All Night” and that is where the links to talentless punters like me ends. The last few years of constant gigging means the songs are flawless. Rich Moss on vocals has learned how to work an audience and I am sure after watching Glenn night after night that will only improve his technique. Talking of technique the band are on fire, Chris Davis is a flurry on this big stage, it was if he just needed that room to bloom and throw all the moves at you.

The short set tonight means every song is an absolute classic. Their dubt album “All In Time” is a year old now and I have played that CD to death, if it was vinyl I am sure it would have been worn thin. Songs like “Better”, “Stay All Night” and “Not your Enemy” are blistering live, even new song “ Just A Memory” is fast becoming a favourite. There is no two ways about it this band deliver time after time and going by tonights crowds reaction and the length of this tour this tour could break them massively, especially in Europe.

Do yourself a favour and check this band out…you will not be disappointed and I can assure you you will be back for more.

This was the fourth show of a ten date UK tour. Glenn Hughes and his band, Danish Guitarist and producer Soren Andersen, Swedish musicians Pontus Engborg on drums and Jay Boe on the Hammond organ opened the set with Flow from the new album Resonate.

Looking vibrant and healthy in purple glasses, dressed in red paisley patterned waistcoat and trousers, Glenn looked genuinely happy to see a good turnout in the audience. He stopped between each number – not to catch his breath but to wipe his nose and to talk about the songs. Often expressing his gratitude for the audience turning up. He was only too well aware that a BIG band were playing a BIG venue in town that night – referring to his friend Terry (Geezer Butler) playing down the road.

The set was a mix of numbers from various stages of his colourful musical career. The funk /heavy/soul sound and amazing vocals captivated the audience. The band relaxed after the first couple of numbers, smiling and clearly enjoying themselves, knowing they had a captivated audience. Soren Andersen guitar riffs and backing vocals worked perfectly with the golden voiced Hughes. The keyboards were outstanding and a not too long drum solo showed off the two other musicians talent. Highlights being Trapeze’s Medusa and Coverdale /Hughes composition You Keep on moving.Hughes explained that his Mother is very ill and thought of cancelling the tour to be at her side but she was insistent that he go on tour with her blessing. He dedicated a song to her and another to his former Deep Purple band mates John Lord and Tommy Bolin.

After finishing the set with legendary track Black Country, the band returned to the stage playing Heavy from the album and Burn as their final number. A fantastic performance by Glenn Hughes and his Scandinavian musicians. I made the right choice picking this gig. I’m sure the others who were there would agree.

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Glenn Hughes/ Stone Broken @ The Garage Glasgow

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