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Courtesans – Better Safe than Sober


Courtesans – Better Safe than Sober

Courtesans may not yet be a name on the vista of rock music, but I am certain it soon will be. An all female band hailing from London, they formed in 2012 and together have blended their strong images and personalities to form a haunting mix of dark pop, alternative rock and trip-hop.

They are all individual, strong minded women who seek to liberate other like-minded women from the fear of striving for success in the male-driven music industry; wanting more female musicians, tour managers and sound engineers to name just a few roles to step up and take control.

The ladies released their debut album ‘1917’ a little while ago, and last year successfully managed to crowd-fund an EP – ‘Better Safe Than Sober’ – on Pledge Music. The EP is compiled of five tracks, each haunting and well-written with deep, meaningful lyrics and the London charm shining through in bucketfuls.

Mesmerise is stunning and moving, and the listener easily loses themselves in this deep ocean of instrumentation and vocals that resemble the call of a siren. Like a sailor entranced by the siren song, the listener find themselves lured into this EP with this powerful and dominating debut track.

Feel The Same goes onto a different path, starting with a spoken-word verse before the backing vocals and the main body of the song kicks in. The lyrics are mesmerising, telling the tale of deception and resignation, and the realisation that everything is not what it seems.

John Doe is another different style of track, reminding me of nineties music you would hear in a series like Buffy, as daft as it sounds. It is a really decent track, with a wall of vocals and instrument pitching in at the end. Knowhere is another strong track, with reminiscent hints of Amanda Ghost, and the melody is delightful and playful, whilst the subject matter of the song is actually to do with addiction.

The Tide is the closing track of the EP, and is a fantastic track. It starts in a similar fashion to Feel the Same with a spoken word intro, before going off on an entirely different tangent – and is actually my favourite track of the release. The eclectic mix of rap and soft vocals represent the toxic attraction of the two star-crossed lovers the track tells the story of. It lures you in just like the first track did, with its siren song and it is utterly phenomenal.

In summary, the Courtesans are incredible, and the calibre of this EP means they will gain recognition very quickly should their representatives be up to par for them. They show a Hell of a lot of potential, with fantastic vocals and stunning instrumentation skills.

I wish them all the very best, and will be planning to catch them at Southampton in March – I think the opportunity is too good to pass up.

Niki Flynn

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