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Danko Jones – Wild Cat


Danko Jones – Wild Cat

After a duration of twenty years, if you have not heard of the Canadian rock band Danko Jones, it is time you caught up with them in time for the release of their eight studio album, ‘Wild Cat’.

‘Wild Cat’ is the highly anticipated new album from the band since they have signed with AFM Records, due for worldwide release on March 3rd with AFM and Bad Taste Records. Produced by Eric Ratz, it is the successor to their critically-acclaimed album of 2015, ‘Fire Music’ – which reached some of the highest chart positions the band has ever been treated to. With its release, it also brings fresh tour dates for Spring of 2017. The tour is due to start in Finland this month, before hitting the rest of Europe in March and April. Danko Jones are of course no strangers to touring; having performed sold out headlining tours of USA and Europe, along with Brazil, Japan, Australia and South Africa with the likes of Guns N’ Roses, Motörhead, Volbeat, Rolling Stones and the Prince of Darkness – Ozzy.

The album fires into session with I Gotta Rock, which is a high-octane thrill-ride of an intro track, with an enigmatic sound and crisp clear vocals. It is full of energy, and really sets the listener up for the next track, My Little RnR. It is another fast-paced and energetic track, with a thrilling guitar solo and snarling vocals. It is another great track with some really nice riffs and guitar work, with a vocal piece towards the end reminiscent of the mighty ZZ Top.

We head at full pelt into Going Out Tonight with its intoxicating guitar intro and distortion, another super rapid paced track, but does not suffer for it at all. You are My Woman is up next, with vocals that remind me a little of Alien Ant Farm, in my opinion, with the sound of that similar era of rock. The vocals are great, and this is one of my preferred tracks on the album, with an abrupt ending before we head into Do This Every Night. It has a distinct sound to it, with a gruff offbeat chorus, but the distorted bass throughout gives a delightful grungy edge.

Let Start Dancing is mega rapid, with guitar and vocals bursting with energy – it is like an adrenaline rush just to listen to it. Another awesome track and made to blast as loud as possible. Wild Cat, the title track, is another great track with a fast beat. She Likes It is a solid track, though slower in pace than the previous tracks, with a distinct riff and some decent vocal work.

Success in Bed starts with a tight bass solo before firing into a high energy piece, where the bass is present and at the forefront throughout. The lyrics, whilst not stunning and intellectual as you probably gathered from the title, are grungy and snarling; and really complete the track to make it what it is. Diamond Lady is another masterpiece, before it heads into Revolution which is the finale of this album. It is more of the same but a really sharp closer to the release, with a compelling guitar solo and more snarling vocals; winding down the absolute roller-coaster the listener has been treated to.

In summary, ‘Wild Cat’ is a strong album which seems to deliver throughout, myself having found little cause for concern throughout. Danko Jones fans new and old will surely like this new release, which surprised even me – I was fully expecting not to like it but I’m glad my mind got changed. Check it out and see what you think!

Niki Flynn

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