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Today finds me in Birmingham,  to cover one day of the inaugural HRH Metal, being held at The O2 Academy just by the city centre.  It’s a cold dank day which actually transfers from the outside in as far as the temperature is concerned.  Once inside The O2, I’m met with high spirits and everyone up for a good time.
It’s nearly a pity this didn’t start yesterday,  such is the spirit of the place.
For HRHM,  all three rooms have been made available, so we have a main stage of course,  Room 2 called… Room 2. and then the third room subtitled “The Best of Brum,” dedicated to the local bands here.

It’s in this third room that the action kicks off at 1PM by the excellent Burden of Noose… a great four piece metal band with a rather hauntingly intense bearded lead vocalist.  A nice set to get the crowd gelled for things to come today.
Hot on the heels of them came Bloodyard who I believe are actually a Scottish band,  but producing what they did on stage with their female vocalist we came allow for that.

It’s quite a schedule,  with twenty-one bands scheduled to play today.  A huge amount of photographers here so this will be a well publicised gig… and from 3pm it gets busy… very busy.!

Bearfist opened the main stage with an electrifying performance,  what a great way to really light this event up.
Simultaneously, Internal Conflict,  we’re ripping a party themselves in Room3, with some inspiring metal which really tore through the crowd and kicked up the temperature. It’s starting to get rather warm down there.

Now the band that were so different they were challenging,  we’re Red Rum… and I think this may have been because the punters were asked to do a jig…it may have been the lilt in the lead singers voice… It may have been the close assimilation with pirates and Birmingham being so far from the sea.  Still,  I’m glad I saw them,  they performed a thoroughly decent set which the crowd who fully got them,  really enjoyed, with the main stage room being considerably filled before 5PM.

Popping down to Room 3, Vicious Nature rocked the house;  several of their loyal followers in the crowd sporting their T-shirts and many more,  knowing the words to all of their songs.  Definitely a well known local band and great rapport with the crowd.

the Bands we shot are 



Red Rum

Internal conflict

Burden of Noose


Vicious Nature

HrH Birmingham

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