Marco Mendoza\ Kane’d Hard Rock Cafe, Glasgow Feb23


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Marco Mendoza\ Kane’d Hard Rock Cafe, Glasgow


Marco Mendoza\ Kane’d Hard Rock Cafe, Glasgow

As bass players go Marco Mendoza has to be up there with a title like living legend. He has done his thing with some of the biggest and best bands and with some time off from the day job with the amazing Dead Daisies he has decided to do a run of solo dates in the UK.

This venue can be a strange one, the lights are awful and for my liking there are far too many seats spread about which could have caused tonight’s support band Kane’d some problems as most punters bums were firmly seated. I can only take it most people had never heard of or seen this band live. If they had, like me they would have been front and centre.

This seven piece band had some issues just squeezing onto the small stage but as with everything this band do they pulled it off with ease. It also took less than one song to get the lazy buggers off their seats and down the front to get the full impact of this band(yeah, ok, it may have had something to do with the three Welsh songbirds and an Adonis on guitar).

No matter what the band looks like I can tell you they rock like a mutherfucker. The band are so tight, the songs so good and the performances always outstanding. These are our celtic cousins and we love them up here. The crowd took to them instantly and after some worry around that thick welsh lilt we were treated to some cracking songs.

Although they may have only two albums worth of material there are no fillers in the set. With songs as strong as “Hero”, “3-2-1” and “Guilty Of Nothing” you know you will be entertained and when we get the likes of “ La Di Da” you get a great sing along and a huge slice of fun. The song “Wasted” always goes down well in Glasgow too for obvious reasons.

By the end of their set the crowd was in the palm of their hands but that is the charm of the sisters Kane, they can sing like songbirds and kick like a mule…oh, and drink you under the table. This is a band not to be missed live and they are back in this town again next month supporting local upcoming band Anchor Lane…that is one show not to be missed.

I missed Marco Mendoza last year when he done his solo show. For that reason alone I wan’t missing this show and as the man took to the stage in a rather garish shirt(yes it was unbuttone quite a bit ladies) I was expecting to be entertained. Unfortunately this was not quite what I was expecting. This show is for the die hards I would say.

Now there is no doubt the man can sing and play, he can keep an audience paying attention and boy can he push his merchandise like a good old boy in the Barras market but for me this was all a bit self indulgent. From the back catalogue he has I was expecting some big numbers and I suppose there was a few in there but for me not enough.

The highlights were definitely “I Got You (I Feel Good)’ and ‘Keep On Running” for a bit of old school and a fantastic version of Thin Lizzy’s “Chinatown” but this was as good as it got for me. I do have to put my hand up and say this may be down to my tatstes as there was a large part of the crowd here who were in raptures, they loved that Marco would walk in amongst them, go to the bar, tell the sound man to sort his crap out but that just doesn’t swing it for me I am afraid.

If you are a die hard Marco fan you will have seen his solo stuff before, if not don’t expect anything along the lines of the Dead Daisies, Whitesnake or thin lizzy. I am glad to say I was there and wiotnessed the show but I will wait for the Daisies return.

Images and Review Ritchie birnie.

Marco Mendoza\ Kane’d Hard Rock Cafe, Glasgow

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