Miami Monroe @ Broadcast, Glasgow Feb28


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Miami Monroe @ Broadcast, Glasgow


Miami Monroe @ Broadcast, Glasgow

Following on from a storming set supporting Single By Sunday In January, Miami Monroe take to the stage of Broadcast for a headline set before they set off on a whirlwind UK tour.

Support tonight was by One Way Street, Better Days and Not Today and they put on a cracking show each and every one. They were all perfectly suited and this meant that the mostly Miami crowd were happy and I am sure the bands picked up some new fans north of the border. I will certainly be looking out for them when they are back up this way.

As much as the support bands were a great teaser tonight was all about Miami Monroe, This was a headline gig and it came in the same week that they released their latest EP(watch this space for a full review). Yes, the boys are riding high at the moment and they deserve all that comes their way as when it comes to Pop/Punk you are hard pushed to get any better. They are one of Glasgow’s own and the quality of the latest EP says it all. They flutter between 90s punk to the classic 70s sound which for me is where they excel. With three vocalists in the band they can cover a lot of ground and this was no more evident than the surprise song tonight( all to be revealed below).

The lights went down, the crowd surged forward as the band took to the stage in darkness as their atmospheric intro tape played…they plugged in and dived head first into “Dammit”. From the opening chords the audience was in the palm of their hands. Brendan McAleer is a cracking front man who loves what he does and the smile never slips off his face(well, except when he is screaming his lungs out).

Next up is “Happy As Larry” which is 90s punk with a whole dash of indie. It gets the crowd bouncing and the dual vocals work perfectly. We go straight into another new track in “ I Don’t Care” and we are hit with distortion and that 70s, spit in your face vibe. This song would have been a huge hit back in the day although the fact that these guys can play their instruments may have caused some scratching of heads.

The set moves along and the small venue starts to heat up and the stage is struggling to keep this band at bay, in fact it doesn’t as we get some wondering about out front from the boys. The quality of the songs is top notch and seeing the guys play such an extended set when you are used to support slots is a breath of fresh air and as happily accepted as when someone opens the basement door in here and lets in some cool, clean air.

I was delighted they also managed to squeeze in new track Wookie Rookie as for me this is the stand out track on the EP and reminds me of Fall Out Boy in their prime. I could just imagine them pulling off one of their weird and wonderful videos for this…it kind of deserves it. I hope this little slice of advice gets taken on board as this song could be a killer on radio as well as TV. I am sure some more doors would open if this gets some airplay.

That takes us to the absolute highlight of the evening for me and everybody else around me it would seem as the boys burst into an incredible cover of “Fat Lip”. All three singers get involved and it all turned out like some chaotic musical brilliance. This should never be left out of the set guys, you stormed that one and for me it would be even more important to play this in any support set list as it will instantly make people pay attention.

Miami Monroe are going places, they just need that break and I hope the latest EP is the catalyst for the next step as they are far too talented to kick along rocking the smaller clubs. They could play large venues with ease and the band have a serious work ethic and to top it all they are a cracking bunch of lads so go check them out people, you will not be disappointed.

Images and review Ritchie Birnie

Miami Monroe @ Broadcast, Glasgow

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