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Version5 – Absolute Zero

Version5 – Absolute Zero


Version5 are an electro rock band that come from Minneapolis.  They are 2 brothers, Spencer Olson on Vocals and Andy Olson on Guitar.  Absolute Zero as a single is released on 24th February 2017 with a music video to follow in April.


The duo was inspired by their Hall of Fame Grandfather who bought them their first guitars in 2003.  They are influenced by Nine Inch Nails, Linkin Park and The Prodigy and you can hear this in the single, along with a nod to System of a Down.


The track opens with a high-pitched droplet of sound that becomes distorted before the vocals come in.  It has a trance quality that resonates well with electro dance music.  The underlying melody is catchy and I can imagine it would go down a storm in clubs in Ibiza.


The vocals have a distortion on them that combines well with the electronic music and sampling going on beneath.  The synth provides an industrial and visceral quality and overall it is a very catchy tune.  The chorus is particularly memorable and the tempo ebbs and flows throughout the track.  The track provides an interesting fusion between rock and Electronic Dance Music and although it may not appeal to rock purists I am sure there is a crossover audience to whom this would be a real floor filler.


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