Warrior Soul/ Anchor Lane @ The Bungalow, Paisley Feb27


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Warrior Soul/ Anchor Lane @ The Bungalow, Paisley


Warrior Soul/ Anchor Lane @ The Bungalow, Paisley

The original angry man of metal returns to the UK and plays a more intimate show just outside Glasgow. Having been a fan from the very beginning I was looking forward to this one.

Before I go on to talk about either band tonight I have to comment on the venue. This was my first visit to The Bungalow in Paisley and with just a 10 minute journey from Glasgow it will not be the last. Just a short walk from the train station it is still secluded enough to have the volume shaking the walls. They have a great back line and for the size of the place and some brilliant lighting. I would thoroughly recommend visiting here for a gig.

Support tonight is from upcoming local boys Anchor lane. The guys know this venue well as they have played here a number of times and they owned the stage from start to finish. Things are really hotting up for them with support slots like this, the fantastic EP “New “Beginning” and a headline slot next month to promote said EP with the brilliant Kane’d in support.

This band for me stand out in what is an already talented pool of bands in Glasgow and with the performance they put in tonight that view is just simply solidified. They take to the stage with “Hunter’s Heart” and anybody who has not seen them before is instantly taking notice, so much so we have a member of the crowd shouting praise and advice from three feet away. He is also photobombing me as I take photos of the band. Next up is “Annie” from the EP, it kicks in with a groove all of it’s own and this song has a cracking sing along that would not go amiss on an arena stage.

As the songs come thick and fast we end up with everyone standing in front of the stage, everyone won over and a good few people purchasing the EP and their first ever Anchor Lane Tshirt(keep this good people, it could become a collectors item). When we get to the opening track from “New Beginning” the place is rocking and the guys are happily passing around a cowboy hat that was forced upon them. There is no doubt in my mind that “ Finished For Twelve” will be one of your favourite tracks of this band and possibly of any new band you have heard in a long time.

They follow the full rock out track with a quiet number in “ Take Some Time” and this number is sublime, why this did not make the CD I have no idea. If this was the 80s it would be on heavy rotation on MTV. It would have propelled them to huge success with just that song. I love the textures and they placed it perfectly in the set. They follow that up with “Cog In The Wheel” which is on the EP but it is also an older number which has been in their set for some time.

They finish up with their tribute to the lost heroes of last year and “ Twenty Sixteen” is a hell of a way to bow out and what a way to warm up an audience, see you again next month boys.

I remember as if it was yesterday when “Last Decade, Dead Century” came out. In 1990 that was the album of the year for me, I was just in my 20s, I had a crappy job with some real shitty bosses. I was into Rock and Metal which had died a death, I felt downtrodden, an outsider with only my music to heal me….and then came along kory Clarke and he put into words and music my pain. To this day the song “ The Losers” is in my top 10 as it captured a whole decade of my life. There was only one thing I would complain about tonight and that this song was not included.

It has been a long time since I have seen kory perform live, back in the 90s I went to every show, I bumped into him in some dodgy bars in Glasgow as he swished his way through the dooors in his silver suit. I sat and talked to him about how his music effected me and he was down to earth and polite despite all the stories I read which put him down. I think it is safe to say I made a connection with this band like no other. In recent years the man has been dogged with vocal problems, his critics jumped on him and I just said fuck you people. This music is bigger than perfect vocals, listen to the content…who the hell wants perfect vocals over that?

Kory brought the punk attitude to metal in a way no other band has, he wound the guitars and rhythm section from the music he loved and he played the best metal Johnny Rotten you have ever seen. This is still evident as he hits the stage tonight with messy blonde hair, fur wrap and the biggest sneer you have seen since the 70s. The band kick off with new song “Drunk” and as Kory struts his stuff I take in the quality of the band he has chosen and I am seriously impressed with each one.

From the new tracks we turn back the years with “Punk and Belligerent”, Jump For Joy” and “The Wasteland” and the years are stripped away and I am back in my element, screaming along to the lyrics, engrossed in kory’s spat out venom, his middle finger in my face and his hatred for the world. A world that learned no lessons from him or anyone else. Nearly three decades later we are in a worse state, jeez, the man even for-seen the future as we all scream at the top of our voice “ Donald Trump is a money whore”…man that should be on this bands T-shirts now. Kory saw the future and America…you didn’t listen…God help you.

The rest of the set was just me, Warrior Soul and my past, the present and the hope that the future does not play out like it has been portrayed. My love for this band was once again brought to the fore and I loved it. The set was too short, I didn’t get “The Losers” but I would not have changed it…lets face it, nobody is going to change this man now…or ever and for that can I have a hell yeah. This band was one of the most underrated at the time, for me they blew Guns’N’Roses away, their attitude made hair metal look like The Osmonds. They should have ruled the world but it never happened but Kory never gave up and neither should we so support this band at every opportunity as there is far too few heroes like them about in this day and age.

Images and review Ritchie Birnie.




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