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Album Review: The Screaming Jets – Noise Collection


Album Review: The Screaming Jets – Noise Collection

Reviewer: Brad Worsman – Ok, let’s get this out the way before we delve into this fine EP of Aussie garage rock. The Australian rock culture as we perceive it today is arguably on the ignored end of the spectrum as oppose to…let’s just say the more obtainable and safe music dominating the radio. Its popularity is amongst the minority and unfortunately, it’s quiet spot at the back of the classroom seems like it will continue to be so. With that being said, for any hard rock band to still be releasing fantastic albums for well over 2 decades, considering its genre and where it lies amongst present music popularity is a considerable achievement, and definitely deserves a well-earned dollop of respect. No fault of the bands but radio is cluttered with the safe, bland sameness. The Screaming Jets are every bit deserving of being recognised as Australian music legends. They are still around pumping out hard, classic, raw Australian rock which continues to appease and wow the crowds. They have remained faithful to the genre for over twenty years and they don’t seem to be slowing down. The Screaming Jet’s latest album, Chrome was a hard-rock kick to the guts, in a good way. It’s foundation in rawness, grit and intensity made Chrome The Screaming Jet’s most bare boned and classic record to date. It’s follow-up live EP, Noise Collection is just what Chrome was; not only a kick to the guts, but to your head as well.

Noise Collection opens with the angry and purely raw “Automatic Cowboy” which captures your interest right from that fantastic opening riff. The guitar tone in this track is unique to say the least. It’s husky and broken-up sound fills the song with life, pushing the song forward till the very end when you can finally take a breath. The track breathes a hint at artists such as Royal Blood, simply due to its anger featured within its tone. Despite this, it is immensely impressive. “Shine On” (being the 2nd track) features a very old school 70’s rock vibe (“School’s Out” anyone?) alongside some incredible guitar layering that pretty much steals the show. Actually, scratch that. This entire EP is stolen by the endlessly flawless guitar work. It really is excellent.

The third track in the set list, “Razor”, probably houses some of the best harmonies and syncopation of the entire EP. It’s subtle verses which feature very restricted drumming, guitar work and vocals slowly fuel the impending choruses and instrumentals which really do pack a punch. Along with its drawn-out instrumentals which (unsurprisingly) feature yet more amazing guitar work and amusing lyrics about Donald Trump, the track simply holds the “less is more” virtue in the highest regard. In fact, the succeeding tracks “Cash In Your Ticket” and “Folsom Prison Blues” manage to retain this virtue with incredible musical ingenuity. “Cash In Your Ticket” is a special case in which less is most definitely shown to be more. The simplicity of the lyrics, chord progression, guitar solo and drumming all scream originality into your face as you struggle to understand how such simplicity could sound so elegant. The closing number of the EP, “Folsom Prison Blues” is a harder take on the Johnny Cash classic with yes, more guitar solos and exuberant vocals which is a satisfying number with just enough kick to get you pumped to listen to more. However, that is when the realisation unfortunately hits that there are no songs left to enjoy. On the other hand, it is a crafty technique to convince you to get along to a live show which on face of it, wouldn’t be a bad idea after experiencing such an astounding collection of noise (pardon the pun).

Noise Collection’s ability to stir your heart and entice you to pump your fists high into the air is only one of many reasons that this live EP is so excellent. The layers every single member brings to the grand sound never goes unnoticed, and overall makes for an experience that simply has to be seen and heard to be believed. It seems that The Screaming Jet’s will continue to entertain the rock community of Australia for plenty of years to come, and that is frankly a fact worth celebrating.

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